Ex-Crytek USA senior staff form Gunfire Games

Written by David Hing

August 11, 2014 | 12:47

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Crytek USA studio head and Vigil Games founder David Adams has formed a new independent studio, Gunfire Games.

Adams has started up the studio with a seven people, including all of the former leads of the Austin-based Crytek USA who were reported to have left Crytek around three weeks ago. Gunfire Games also intends to start another round of hires soon.

Talking to Polygon, Adams explains that his departure from Crytek USA was in part inspired by the company’s recent financial woes which have been widely reported, but also because forming a new independent studio was something that was already on his agenda.

Adams and 36 former Vigil Games employees landed at Crytek USA after the fall of THQ. The bankruptcy of the publisher also meant the dissolution of Vigil Games itself, a studio that Adams co-founded.

Vigil Games was probably best known for the Darksiders franchise and there is a possibility that Gunfire Games might get hold of the rights to it again, as they have spoken to the current owners of the intellectual property, Nordic Games. Nordic Games were reported in 2013 to be keen to work with a proven studio on the development of Darksiders 3 as opposed to handling it themselves.

Crytek is no longer in any financial trouble according to the company’s chief executive Cevat Yerli and the company has been bailed out through a deal with an undisclosed benefactor. The company has undergone somewhat of a shake up and last week it sold the Homefront intellectual property to Koch Media-owned Deep Silver.

Following the loss of staff at Crytek USA, it has also moved development of Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age away from Austin to Frankfurt.
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