BAFTA winners announced

Written by Joe Martin

October 24, 2007 | 12:02

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The BAFTAs are over for another year and the list, which was unpopular with some religious groups has been narrowed down.

Personally, we think the whole thing was a bit of a farce anyway - some of the games on the list hadn't even been released yet, like Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Either way, here's the winners:

Best Action and Adventure Game: Crackdown
Artisitic Achievement: Okami
Best Game: BioShock
Best Casual Game: Wii Sports
Best Gameplay: Wii Sports
Innovation Award: Wii Sports
Best Multiplayer: Wii Sports
Best Original Score: Okami
Best Sports Game: Wii Sports
Best Strategy and Simulation: Wii Sports
Best Story: God of War 2
Best Technical Achievement: God of War 2
Best Use of Audio: Crackdown
PC World Public Vote Award: Football Manager 2007

Yeah, I know what you're going to say and I agree. Wii Sports?! God of War 2 beating BioShock for best story? Madness. Complain in the forums.
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