Bit-tech takes a giant leap

Written by Wil Harris

June 3, 2005 | 10:01

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Whilst rumours have been doing the IT industry circuit for some time, we're finally able to fill you in on some big news.

Bit-tech has gone pro.

No, we've not all become cheap hookers, we've turned into professional journalists. Overnight, in fact. Whilst we've always been journalists, the title of 'professional' rather implies getting paid. Which, happily for us - and, happily for you, as you'll see - we now are.

Let's journey back through the mists of time. Bit-tech started out as a place for a few people in the UK to post some cool projects where they'd engaged in some hardcore window modding. Fast forward 3 or 4 years, and almost 20,000 registered forum users are posting projects, whilst over 400,000 people come and read the site each month.

The site has evolved from a niche modding specialist site to one that covers all the latest enthusiast hardware as well as breaking news, trade shows, and now even gaming. We've kept our 'do-it-our-way' ethos, an ethos that has led us to create the community and webpage that we have now.

The time has come for us to take the next step, however. We've teamed up with the guys behind to push Bit-tech even further than before. An investment by them, along with the continued revenue from advertising, has allowed us to take on 3 full-time Editors. I will be stepping up to bat as Editor in Chief, Geoff Richards will be Deputy Editor, whilst Tim Smalley, hardware guru to us all, will be Technical Editor.

Chances are you might not have heard of Trusted Reviews. Well, they're a consumer-focused site, not an enthusiast one - but that said, they do have some great technical content. Check them out, the content there is very different from the stuff we have on Bit-tech and well worth reading.

What does this announcement mean for you? Well, quite simply, it means a bigger, better Bit-tech that gives you more of what you want in the manner you want it. We're committed to a finger-breaking schedule of monthly content that gives you more mods than ever before to ogle at, more hardware reviews than ever before to lust after, more games articles, more opinion, more news, more community.

You guys - our readers, forum posters - are the heart and soul of Bit-tech. We wouldn't be here without you, which is why we're doing everything we can to improve the community aspect of Bit-tech. Stay tuned for additions to the site that will enable more interactivity, more chance for you to have your say and show off your creations. There is some stuff coming that is going to blow your mind - kick-ass ideas that we could not see through without the backing of this deal and the staff to manage it.

So, June hits tomorrow. We've got coverage of Computex all week, and we've already brought you stories no-one else has. Stay tuned for a comprehensive look at Guild Wars, the no-fees MMORPG that's taking the world by storm. We've got Shuttles next week, along with an in-depth look at ATI's CrossFire technology. We'll be bringing you the latest cases from Taipei that will be landing at your favourite e-tailer later this year, and we're going to be talking to the creators of the immensely popular Lego Star Wars. This is just the tip of the iceberg - we guarantee you new, original content every single day of the week (well, apart from a Sunday. Our fingers need time to stop bleeding).

As ever, if you've got any comments, you can drop me a line personally, or let us know your thoughts on the forums.

I can't wait to get cracking. With mods, hardware, games, opinions and community, why bother reading anything else?
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