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Written by Tim Smalley

October 20, 2008 | 16:21

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I am delighted to announce that has taken another giant leap into the next chapter of its life – the publication has been acquired by leading technology publisher Dennis Publishing Ltd.

bit-tech has been on an incredible journey for the last seven and a half years, and those of you who have been with us since the original days of 2001 will have seen the website go through many evolutions. initially came about as a place for the then underground modding community to show off their creations. Following feedback from the loyal readership, the site quickly spread its wings first into more regular hardware reviews and then into gaming content with that added bit-tech twist.

In 2005 we teamed up with Hugh Chappell, who at the time also owned TrustedReviews, to take a big step forwards. Hugh invested his time and money into bit-tech, which enabled us to move from running the site in our spare time to becoming a professional publication with offices and facilities to match.

Since then, we’ve seen several changes including myself taking oven the helm as Editor and waving goodbye to our close friends at TrustedReviews, after the publication was acquired by IPC Media almost a year ago to the day.

But despite these changes, the ingredient we believe we’ve kept consistent throughout bit-tech’s life is the passion and enthusiasm for technology and everything that surrounds it. We do this because we’re enthusiasts and we share the same passion for technology as you, our readers, do.

We have enjoyed massive growth in the last three years especially and that’s not only down to the blood, sweat and tears shed by everyone who has worked so incredibly hard for the site, but it’s also down to the support we’ve had from both the industry and our loyal readers. I’d not only like to thank all of my staff—and Hugh for believing in us—but on behalf of all of us at bit-tech, I’d also like to thank every one of you for making the site what it is today. That includes all of the times when you’ve chewed our ears when we got it wrong, the time you’ve spent providing valuable feedback whenever we’ve asked for it, and most importantly of all, reading the content we’ve created.

Over the course of this year, we quickly realised that in order to accelerate at the rate we believe we can, the business needed to take another step forwards – and this is where Dennis Publishing will come into play. For you, our readers, there will be very little initial change – I will remain at the helm as Editor of bit-tech and the entire team will continue producing the same great content you know and love.

I believe Dennis is an excellent match for bit-tech – the publisher already has a number of leading brands in the technology sector, including PC Pro, Custom PC and IT Pro. There is a great deal of synergy with what we already do and most importantly, I feel Dennis is the one publisher that truly understands the enthusiasts' market and will enable us to continue growing at the rate we have been.

The entire team will be hired as Dennis Publishing employees and will continue to work in the existing Ascot offices – you can read more of the details over on Dennis Publishing's website.

If you have any thoughts to share with us regarding this announcement, please do so in the forums!
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