OMFG, what have you done to the forums?!

Written by Tim Smalley

November 7, 2008 | 07:26

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We have upgraded our forum software this morning and with it comes a host of changes based on feedback from bit-tech readers during the beta we advertised on the forums a few months ago.

The most obvious change you will have noticed is that we’ve separated out a few of the forums to give you a more refined experience in the forums. There was a lot of feedback on this when we rolled out our last major forum upgrade and that feedback came up again in the beta.

bit-tech Site Discussion and Feedback have been separated, as have Hardware and Software, General and Serious Discussion and also the For Sale forums (for those with enough posts).

There are also some more subtle changes as well – they include native support for thread prefixing, thread tagging, tag and search clouds, image galleries and user reputation.

Currently, user reputation can only be handed out by the forum moderation team (so be nice to them and you never know, they may give you some cheesecake) although we may roll it out to a larger group of users in the future. We tried user reputation once before and it was abused, but we think it’s a valuable feature if used properly which is why we’re taking a more cautious approach to it this time around.

Finally, for those of you looking for the "dark" theme, it's selectable using the drop down box in the bottom left hand corner of every forum page – it's directly above the site footer where it says "Score Guide".

If you spot any bugs, or just want to share your thoughts on the changes, please do so in the forums!
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