TrustedReviews acquired by IPC Media

Written by bit-tech Staff

October 22, 2007 | 12:41

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This may come as a bit as a shock to some of you in the community, especially those who are fans of both TrustedReviews and, but TR has been acquired by IPC Media.

TrustedReviews, the UK's leading product review site, and bit-tech, the UK's premier hardware and modding website, have been in partnership for a number of years and share offices in Ascot.

IPC Media, which runs a selection of magazines and websites including Loaded, NME and Mountain Bike Rider, today announced the purchase for an undisclosed amount. TrustedReviews will be moved to the Inspire sub-brand, owned by IPC Media and headed by Paul Williams.

"Trusted Reviews is an excellent fit with our established technology brands," said Paul Williams. "Our business is all about great content, and that's at the heart of TrustedReviews."

The move marks the end to the TrustedReviews and bit-tech partnership. Hugh Chappell, managing director of both companies will be moving away from TrustedReviews at the end of the year, but will retain his position with bit-tech, which will become an independent company once more.

How will this effect content on bit-tech? Quite simply, it won't. Here at bit-tech we pride ourselves on providing regular, reliable and honest content for our community of hardware, modding and games enthusiasts. This focus on the enthusiast market made bit-tech a poor fit with IPC Media's portfolio, but that doesn't mean that bit-tech will be closing down - quite the opposite.

bit-tech, which was born out of the modding community and started as a group of geeks in their bedrooms, will continue to grow from its current state as the UK’s premier source of modding, hardware and games content for enthusiasts. In other words – soon we shall conquer the world!

As a result, Tim Smalley will continue as Editor for bit-tech with the same team of regular, expert writers continuing to follow his every whim.

Part of what makes bit-tech great is the strong and knowledgeable community, so if you want to drop in the forums to give the TrustedReviews team your well wishes then we'll make sure they read it. We wish them good luck in the future!
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