Corsair 1000D Mega-Build Update 5: Integrating Reservoirs into a Distro Plate!

August 24, 2018 | 15:00

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The Corsair 1000D build is really taking shape now! In this video, Alex machines a very special acrylic distribution plate. As you will see, this isn't just any distribution plate - in what we believe to be a world-first mod, it is a distribution plate into which three reservoirs are directly integrated! Specifically, we're using Watercool Heatkiller 60mm glass reservoirs, which have aluminium struts that prove to be very useful for compression and creating a watertight seal.

We also take you through all the extra CNC work that has been done so far. If you want to follow from the beginning you can find the full 1000D playlist here.

One last thing... If any of you happen to be at Insomnia this weekend, head on over to the Corsair booth, where you'll be able to see the beautiful 1000D mod in (nearly) all its glory! The core hardware and triple water-cooling loops are all in place, but there is still a little extra work to do, namely getting the custom cables fitted and polishing up the lighting effects, but we know you'll be impressed with what you see!

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