Hardware 14 - On the Case

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August 24, 2010 | 10:15

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Clive, Harry, Antony and Paul discuss all those lovely (and fugly) cases we're seeing lately, plus a dead-cert sales pitch to Steve Jobs and why SandForce is so fast (hint: magic). Tune in for another trickle of our collected wisdom hidden among roughly 45 minutes of blather.
In case you're wondering, the latest copy of Custom PC is on sale now, and it features a huge Case Labs. You'll have have seen some of the results of this test on bit-tech already, but here we go over which are our favourites. The gang also talk about USB 3 headers, and why we'll see more USB 3 devices soon.

Harry also tries to explain why SandForce is so fast, and why we're suddenly seeing larger drives that cost the same as smaller ones. The problem is over-over-provisioning, but that's rather a long story, so you'll have to listen in.

Intel's Sandy Bridge is up for discussion too, with none of the panel realising that talking about a Sandy Bridge somehow sounds a bit rude...Sandy Bridge? Suits you, Sir.

Anyway, it seems LGA1156 is a bit of sitting duck, as the Sandy Bridge CPU lineup looks rather tasty.

Something that won't become obsolete any time soon though is EVGA's Classified SR-2, the humongous dual-socket motherboard that allows you to overclock Xeon CPUs. We discuss two cheap X58 boards, Gigabyte's GA-X58A-UD3R and Asus' P6X58D-E. They're both excellent and cost the same, so which is the best?

As ever, we've made sue to diss the GeForce GTX 465, and there's a special prize to win courtesy of Gigabyte. Oooo!

Use the links below to listen to the podcast, which was recorded on Shure microphones, was supported by SteelSeries and features music by Brad Sucks. Enjoy!
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