Custom PC Issue 125

Dream PCs
Practically anyone with a modicum of PC knowledge can cram thousands of pounds of hardware into a case, but it takes an expertly skilled team to build a really desirable overclocked PC, sporting the latest customisation such as acrylic tubing, laser-cut panels and modified cooling systems. This month, four of the UK's top system builders have worked hard to produce some gorgeous high-end computers, demonstrating fine craftsmanship, fast performance and original ideas.

Gaming mouse labs
We put several gaming mice through their paces to find the current cream of the crop.

How to apply PlastiDip
Antony Leather investigates this versatile painting material, which effectively enables you to give your PC a temporary colour, which you can just peel off at a later date.

Mince pie megatest
It's December at Custom PC, and that means only one thing - a huge test of seasonal pies. We taste-test 16 mince pies from a range of stores to find the best festive treat.

Hobby tech
Gareth visits his local hackspace in Leeds, and investigates using a standard ATX PSU as a bench-top power supply.

Battlefield 4 performance analysis
What hardware do you need to run Battlefield 4 at its top settings? We test the game with loads of GPUs, as well as different CPU and memory configurations, to find out.

Christmas wish list
Struggling for inspiration this Christmas? We take a look at some of our favourite PC parts, geek toys and gadgets, from stocking fillers to expensive treats.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti
Nvidia ups the ante in the high-end GPU business with a new top-end graphics card, boasting 2,880 stream processors.

Asus GeForce GTX 760 MARS
Asus seizes an opportunity to make its own dual-GPU graphics card, but how do a pair of GTX 760 chips fare against the best single-GPU cards?