How I Became A Games Designer, Part Two

5th Jan. 2008 by James Silva

When we left the story, James had just entered in a competition to have his indie game published on Xbox Live. Now, read the second part to find out how he bagged the prize without winning and completed the transition from dishwasher to game designer.

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How I Became A Game Designer

5th Dec. 2007 by James Silva

As part of a new series of columns by prominent indie and professional developers, James Silva talks about how he moved from being a dishwasher in an Italian resturant to being a game designer. Beware, the story contains ninjas, zombies and dishwashery!

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Of Spiders and Flies

20th June 2007 by Brett Thomas

Patent law is a funny thing - particularly when it sets the scene for epic David vs. Goliath battles... but is there more behind the scenes? Brett Thomas takes a look at some of the reasons behind what could be the biggest scandal in a while - and why gamers should feel cheated.

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OMG! Smack-talk, n00b!

2nd June 2007 by Joe Martin

Joe Martin has a think about the culture of smack-talk and it's place in gaming as whole, complete with embarrassing stories from his past.

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Loving games to death

5th May 2007 by Joe Martin

New bit-tech Staff Writer, Joe Martin, introduces himself and talks about the problems fanboys pose in our industry.

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Convergence? Bah!

7th Sept. 2005 by Wil Harris

It's all very well saying how in the future, lots of different types of devices and functionality will all start to merge together. But do we really understand the drivers for these trends - do we really understand the problems that people have?

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