You Know You've Played Too Many Games When…

Written by Joe Martin

December 23, 2010 | 11:41

Tags: #funny #joke #minecraft #quake

Companies: #games

You know you’ve played too many games when you deliberately get up early on a Saturday morning, just so you can explore the new Minecraft update in peace for a few hours.

…when you hum the Monkey Island theme tune to yourself when you’re tense, and it actually makes you feel better.

…when you catch yourself thinking, ‘Oh, quicksave!’ when you cross the road.

…when you have recurring dreams about writing the perfect walkthrough for Baldur’s Gate 2.
…when you’re celebrating your anniversary with your girlfriend at a 1950s party on a vintage steamboat and, rather than dancing, you spend your whole time being reminded of a level in Hitman: Blood Money.

…when you’re approaching one of the aforementioned vintage steamboats and, as you outpace the others on the jetty, you're tempted to yell, ‘The rescue boat is here!’

…when the doodles you draw while you're on the phone aren’t little stick men, but old Quake levels redrawn from memory.

…when you bump into things all the time and blame it on the clipping.

…when you don’t read instructions for the new microwave because you’re pretty sure all you need to do is ‘Press interact’.

…when you seriously believe the only use for graph paper is to make it easier to design Minecraft levels.

…when you don’t just talk in your sleep, but actually mime killing Kleers from Serious Sam.

…when you look at the clock everyday at thirty-seven minutes paste one and think, ‘Yes, I am.’
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