Razor Mako

The Mako is Razor's 2.1 high fidelity speaker set. In line with the rest of its range, these are some top quality and well researched bits of kit. Razor believes that gamers mostly use headphones or 2.1 speakers, and even if they do have surround sound kits, the speakers aren’t often placed in the optimum positions.

They are THX certified and the bi-amplified satellites face downward towards the desk, so they really don’t look like a normal set of speakers. The Makos use an inward “desk bounce” system to force the sound off the surface of your desk or table and out into the air for an omnidirectional sound experience that absolutely minimises the delay in the different ranges and sound multiple tweaters have. As long as you put them on something hard, regardless of whether it’s glass, wood, ceramic or metal they will still sound the same. Good stuff.

Whilst a set of surround sound speakers needs to be positioned correctly in order for the audio to reach you within tolerances, you can literally sit or stand anywhere in a room and hear exactly the same sound when listening to the Mako. Despite hearing an unfinished product, the quality was phenomenal. MP3s and uncompressed audio were played through WinAmp, just like you would a normal PC.

CeBIT 2007: bit-tech Hardware Roundup Razor Mako
CeBIT 2007: bit-tech Hardware Roundup Razor Mako CeBIT 2007: bit-tech Hardware Roundup Razor Mako
The sub was built into a wooden case with polycarb top. The head honcho at Razor admitted that one of the tech demo satellites “still had a little bit of a rattle”. I wasn't sure if he was genuinely disappointed, as he sat glumly hung over a rear-facing plastic chair, or if three days of CeBit had just simply taking taken its toll. The sound was, otherwise, fantastic, although the MP3s were audibly range limited.

The speakers are fitted with two 50W amps each, providing 100W per speaker, which makes for a total of 300W including the sub. The controller is a touch sensitive, iPod-esque design with controls for volume, bass, mute and line in. Although it isn’t wireless, it does have a built in amplified headphone jack to make up for it.

The Razor Mako speakers are due out in June/July, and should be selling for around $299.
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