Paint cans at the ready..

The case was painted using Acrylic based car paint spray cans as sold in most car accessory shops. This paint sticks to the plastic, is durable, can be built up to the necessary opacity, cheap and readily available.

WARNING: This paint will react with the ClearPC until it is fully cured producing "spidering" and possibly cracking unless you are very careful. You have been warned!

To prevent this happening the paint needs to be built up in very fine layers, practically layers of "dust", allowing each layer to completely dry first. This allows the paint to dry quickly before it does any damage. Do not spray in cold conditions as this will increase the drying time. Allow at least 24 hours between coats to allow the paint to dry.

Once the paint is dense enough to be opaque you can apply thicker, but still thin layers. This method is tedious and time consuming, but remember these cases are expensive and at this stage impatience can have dire consequences. ClearPC themselves could not recommend a suitable paint so I was forced to experiment. Fortunately I had no problems with the paint.

Macro Black Painting the Case
It took nearly two 500ml cans to complete the painting.

Macro Black Painting the Case Macro Black Painting the Case
The painted side panel. Removing the Fablon mask to reveal the window. Once the mask was removed, foam rubbing compound was used to remove any residual adhesive.

Macro Black Painting the Case
Paint, paint everywhere.

Macro Black Painting the Case Macro Black Painting the Case
Here you can just see the Biohazard mask covered by the paint. Once the final coat of paint had dried the Biohazard mask was peeled off, leaving the clear symbol on the case side.

Macro Black Painting the Case Macro Black Painting the Case
This is how it looked from the outside. Not too shabby I think. That's wallpaper you can see though it that is.

Macro Black Painting the Case
A small table lamp was used inside the case to detect, and modellers enamel to patch up any pin holes and awkward places missed by the spraying.
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