Intel Digital Home Film Competition Introduction
Earlier this month, we were invited to the gala screening of the first Intel Digital Home Short Film Competition.

Billed a celebration of new filmmaking talent across the UK, the competition was open to amateur film makers across the country. In Intel's words, "The competition was designed to challenge aspiring directors to create an eight-minute movie around a digital home concept, helping to build industry and consumer awareness of these groundbreaking technologies."

Hundreds of filmmakers submitted proposals to Intel and from those, ten were chosen to receive grants of £500 to go and make the proposed films. From those, three were awarded runner-up prizes and one went on to take the first prize. The first prize was £5000, a digital home package from Intel and - the kicker - a one month internship at Pinewood Shepperton Studios, home to Bond, Potter, Star Wars and a whole host more.

Judging was done by representatives from Pinewood, Dolby, Intel and the British Film Association.

Intel Digital Home Film Competition Introduction Intel Digital Home Film Competition Introduction Intel Digital Home Film Competition Introduction Intel Digital Home Film Competition Introduction
"The UK has an exceptionally rich and diverse film heritage and our goal in running the Digital Home Short Film Competition was to foster emerging talent and help find the next Anthony Minghella, Ridley Scott or Richard Curtis," said David Mitchell, Intel's European Digital Home spokesperson, and our host for the evening.

"Innovations in digital home technology now allow film lovers to experience their movies in new and exciting ways from the comfort of their lounge room. By using the concept of the digital home as a central part of their films, these promising filmmakers are helping to build awareness of these new technologies with a completely new audience."

So, what were the films about? We've got downloadable versions of a couple of the winners, as well as interviews with the top filmmakers. Interested in seeing how on earth you can feasibly get digital home into a decent film? Read on over the next few pages, and download the videos to see for yourself.
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