Protect Digital Memories w/ Samsung's New Consumer Memory Card Line

December 11, 2009 // 5:15 p.m.

Wedding photos; baby’s first steps, in HD glory; a recording of your grandparents telling you their life story…. all priceless… and irreplaceable.

On many people’s holiday wish list, flash memory has become the storage format of choice as it’s inexpensive, easily transportable and perfect for use in mobile devices. However, in most cases it gives the false impression that our memories are safe no matter what circumstances we put the card under, whether it’s tossed into our pockets or thrown into the bottom of a bag.

But what happens if the trousers – and the cards in them – are thrown in the wash? What if we stand too long in front of the loudspeakers at a concert - if they fall out of our pockets into water – or, even if a car runs over them?

Having pioneered numerous advancements in chip technology, Samsung design-engineered a little extra to the performance you’ve come to expect from the company: robust data protection. Samsung has addressed all these issues and added a stylish sleek design to offer a powerful consumer product.

With a Samsung Memory Card, your readers find the essentials in place to guarantee their data never gets wiped out.

Water-proof* - Innovative Epoxy Moulding Compound technology helps withstand over 24 hours in sea water.

Shock-proof - Survives high pressure, including the crush of a 1.6-ton automobile.

Magnet-proof - Resists over 13 times the magnetic force of home theater speakers.

Fast & superb data recovery - Free proprietary software assists with up to 3 times faster recovery.

Up to 10 years’ data retention - Capable of storing priceless data for longer without a refresh.

*Not applicable for Samsung Compact Flash Cards.
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