MSI MOA Overclockers: EU Winners Announced!

June 30, 2010 // 8:59 a.m.

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The top 5 EU finalists prepare for MSI MOA 2010 Grand Final in Taipei

(London, UK) Overclocking at MOA 2010, Disneyland Paris! The annual MOA organized by the world-leading mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI was held at Disneyland Paris from June 26 to June 27. After the 2-day intense battle among contestants, the European top five have been announced: MOA 2009 champion Team Seed (Sweden), Team Sweden, Team Italy, Team Belgium and Team Finland. All five teams will represent Europe to participate in the MOA 2010 Grand Final organized by MSI in Taiwan.

There were 13 teams from 12 countries participating in the MOA 2010 European Qualifier, including France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Russia, the UK and Ukraine. Elmor and ME4ME of the Team Seed won the first place and qualify for the MOA 2010 Grand Final. Also from Sweden; Mean Machine and Mink won second place. Being the only female contestant in the European Qualifier, Mink has also become a focus of attention during the competition! Cische and Delex from Italy caught third place in the last 30 minutes. Massman and PT1T from Belgium won the forth place. Junksu and Kite from Finland got the last ticket to the Grand Final, finishing 5th.

Champions of MOA 2010: Team Seed (from Sweden)

The Second Runner Up: Team Sweden

The Third Runner Up: Team Italy

The Fourth Runner Up: Team Belgium

The Fifth Runner Up: Team Finland

Miss Photogenic: Mink (Team Sweden)

Apart from the best of the best European overclockers, characters from StarWars were also invited to the MOA 2010 European Qualifier. These visitors from outer space also enjoyed the fun of overclocking at the 2-day event.

Following the completion of MOA 2010 European Qualifier, the European Top Five are ready to take on the champions at the MOA 2010 Grand Final. However, other contestants still have a chance to join in! Overclockers can sign up to the You’ve Got the Xtreme Power overclocking comp' organized by the leading overclocking website HWBOT at (from June 1 to June 30) and the LOC 2010 organized by Futuremark at (June 21 to July 18) to fight for the last tickets to the Grand Final.

For further information, please go to the MOA 2010 official website at:

Information about the European Qualifier is available at:

About MOA

The MSI MOA is the racing ground for global overclocking masters. MSI invites worldwide overclocking gurus through on-line or on-site entry for an unique experience. Equipped with most powerful computers available today each invited master is to challenge the limit with their excellent overclocking technique and to win the honor of overclocking master by breaking the world record under close watch of global media and overclocking players.

MSI has been achieving admirable milestones in the field of extreme overclocking. Besides the players focused annual MOA contest many other overclocking events hosted on-line or on-site are also well accepted with record breaking performances. The globally watched annual MOA contest where overclocking masters equipped with cutting edge computer hardware and software can compete with each other has become the top battle field. Based upon the MOA Roman vTheme in 2008 and MOA IT Olympics in 2009 the MOA StarWars 2010 is in cooperation with the renowned overclocking web sites Futuremark and HWBOT and to open to overclocking players all over the world.
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