MSI to officially Unveil the Latest Weapon, Big Bang Fuzion Mainboard

January 7, 2010 // 10:41 a.m.

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More Flexible Upgradability, More Boundless Gaming Experience

[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, a leading high-performance mainboard company, today unveiled the 2nd Big Bang branded mainboard, Big Bang-Fuzion, following the great success of the surpassing Big Bang-Trinergy powered by nForce 200 SLI processor. MSI Big Bang-Fuzion, featuring the Hydra technology ever created, can offer serious gamers the most flexible upgradability on 3D performance, allowing users to install cross-vender GPU in a single system. The epochal technology can perform scalable rendering by load-balancing graphics processing tasks. Besides, it can deliver near-linear gaming performance upgrade to break through the performance barrier with two or more graphics cards.

In addition, the extreme high performance mainboard delivers the out-of-the-world experience through performance enhancement and intense industrial components like 100% Hi-c Cap and Super Ferrite Choke which maximizes system performance with higher heat resistance, lower ESR and double life-span than normal solid capacitors, compared to another competitors’.

When it comes to gaming audio, the Quantum WaveTM audio solution offers the optimal sound quality when gaming or playing music through external speakers or headsets. With the advanced Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 and THX TruStudio PC audio tech, Big Bang-Fuzion can deliver a clear and truest audio experience. It also allows users to enjoy unparalleled in-home entertainment and full HD content.

As the newest member of MSI’s premier gaming brand, Big Bang-Fuzion also comes equipped with external OC Dashboard, V-Kit, built-in chip-driven OC Genie auto overclocking technology for overclocking enthusiasts. Functioned MSI’s exclusive DrMOS power supply modules and SuperPipe cooling technology, Big Bang-Fuzion is definitely a gamers’ dream and sets the standard for gaming motherboard that worldwide hardcore gamers will love. The availability date of Big Bang-Fuzion is mid Jan 2010, and it will be another unique choice for a gaming systems.
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