MSI introduces 100% Hi-c CAP mainboards The end of the solid capacitor era is near

February 23, 2010 // 5:59 p.m.

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MSI is the world’s first mainboard manufacturer to introduce 100% Hi-c CAP’s on its mainboards. Hi-c CAP’s are the next generation solid capacitors, using 100% Hi-c CAP’s will deliver the best stability, reliability, overclocking and lifespan possible for a mainboard.
No solid capacitors at all
The first thing you notice when you see a MSI Big Bang mainboard is that it has no solid capacitors at all. After a closer look (and checking the backside of the PCB to be sure) you will notice that MSI is using a different type of capacitor called Hi-c CAPs.

The 8-Phase CPU power supply (PWM) uses low voltage output and high-voltage input Hi-c Cap capacitors

The 2-Phase memory MSI also used 100% Hi-c Cap capacitors

The Hi-c CAP Capacitors are really everywhere, gone are the solid capacitors
caplogo.gifHi-c CAP’s: The next generation solid capacitors
Hi-c CAP’s are the next generation solid capacitors and are specially selected for those who want to bring their mainboard to the next level of overclocking and gaming performance. Component lifespan and stability are also the key points for MSI mainboards. Hi-c CAP stands for Highly-Conductive Polymerized Capacitor. The core of Hi-c CAP’s capacitors are build from Tantalum which is a rare metal. Hi-c CAP’s have excellent electrical benefits:

* It has an extreme high conductivity because of its low ESR.
* The excellent temperature characteristics make sure that the conductivity is not affected by temperature changes when overclocking. This makes the difference while overclocking with LN2, because solid capacitors are affected.
* It features a unique self-repair mechanism.
* The Hi-c CAP not only offers low temperature and high transfer efficiency, but also over 15x less leakage.
* The HI-c Caps offer a lifetime which is 8 times longer than average solid state capacitors. Even at a constant high temperature of 85℃ in high loading environments, it can be used for over 16 years.
* -Because of its flat shape you will not have any mechanical issues anymore with heatsinks or VGA cards which conflict with solid caps.

MSI is the first mainboard manufacturer to implement 100% Hi-C Cap’s instead of traditional solid capacitors raising the bar for high-quality products in the industry. Both MSI Big Bang Trinergy (with NF200) and MSI Big Bang Fuzion (with Hydra 200) are equipped with 100% Hi-C caps. Most MSI own designed VGA cards are equipped with Military Class components of which Hi-C Caps are a part. Considered Hi-c CAPs as the next generation capacitor, it captures the essence of MSI’s commitment to quality.

* DrMOS: MSI mainboards are the only ones to use DrMOS chips. This 3-in-1 mosfet ensures better and stable power delivery to the CPU in extreme conditions. Because of the 3-in-1 integration MSI mainboards only need one component instead of 3 separate components. This results that DrMOS equipped mainboards are the most power efficient and thus coolest running mainboard on the market which is proven in reviews by many international media over and over again.
* Super Ferrite Choke (SFC): The MSI Big Bang series are equipped with a new type choke which improves the power efficiency with more than 20%. Besides this they improve the stability and lower the operating temperatures. Bringing down the heat generated by the PWM improves overclockablity.

100% Hi-c CAP on MSI Big Bang Trinergy

For more information about price and availability, please contact a local official MSI distributor.

About MSI

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