MSI announces the Wind U135DX Netbooks just got faster!

June 30, 2010 // 8:58 a.m.

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MSI, London 29th June: Today MSI has officially announced the Wind series U135DX netbook, it introduces MSI’s, exclusive Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) technology and the new Intel ATOM processor N455 for high mobility, high performance, and extended battery power. The new 10-inch Wind U135DX netbook comes equipped with Intel’s latest ATOM processor N455, which supports DDR3 system memory and works with MSI’s TDE turbo drive technology for processor and memory to give you a mobile computing experience characterized by lightness, power savings, and high performance.

Turbo Drive Engine Technology: The Wind U135DX features MSI’s TDE’s turbo drive technology which kicks in the over-clocking to enhance processing performance instantly, maximizing the machine’s hardware capabilities. This unique feature means the MSI U135DX pushes the processor speed up to give you a performance boost when you need it the most! The U135DX also upgrades the memory support for upto 2GB of DDR3, this means you not only get a performance boost but also uses less power. This means you can get some extra time away from the power plug with your U135DX.

Intel ATOM processor N455: The Wind U135DX comes with Intel’s latest ATOM N455 processor the single-chip architecture enhances the overall performance by 10% and extends battery life by 15%. *

A trusted and proven design

Smart Exterior: The body of the MSI Wind U135DX is coated in MSI’s own Colour Film Print to help protect against scratches and wear. With elegant patterns set off by the NB’s silver trim and wavy lines, putting the Wind U135DX in a class all its own. The MSI Wind U135DX will be available in stunning black and white.

Chiclet keyboard: Big on details, MSI offers the most comfortable computing experience possible. As such, the Wind U135DX employs MSI’s own Chiclet keyboard with independent keys for a solid, silent touch when typing, while adding to the overall elegance of the unit.

Wider touchpad: MSI made it a point to install the latest extended touchpad in the new generation Wind U135DX. Not only is it 20% wider for easier control, it is graced with an attractive pattern, in order to provide a superior, more comfortable user experience, while enhancing overall attractiveness.

Extended battery power**

ECO engine power saving technology: The Wind U135DX is equipped with a LED backlit screen and MSI’s exclusive ECO engine power saving technology which helps bring the new generation Intel ATOM processor N455 into full play, while effectively extending the netbook’s battery life. ECO technology allows you to select from among five power management levels—Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, and Turbo Battery. This flexibility maximizes battery life, giving the U135DX up to 7 hours of battery power.

10” power-saving LED backlit display: Following in the outstanding tradition of other MSI Wind U series netbooks, the U135DX is not only light and highly mobile, it boasts a power-saving 10” LED backlit screen with 1024×600 resolution for richer, crisper colours and better readability when word processing and using the Internet.

The MSI U135DX will be available in August priced at £229 from Argos.

*Compared to the previous generation platform.
**Actual battery time will vary with differences in computer use and settings.

About MSI

Founded in 1986, MSI is one of the nation’s leading technology companies that possess strong R&D capabilities. Composed of more than 2,000 excellent engineers, we continue our more than 20-year history of being one of the most widely respected and recognized name in the IT industry. Our hard work and dedication have led us to become one of the finest brands in the industry with accumulated sales in more than 120 countries, 150 million mainboard users and 100 million graphics card users worldwide. MSI has been listed in the “Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands” for two consecutive years (2008 & 2009), adhering to perfect faith that deserves recognition. The thousands of awards we earned every year encourage us to continue to develop high-level of quality excellence in our products and services, customer satisfaction and global competitiveness. As part of MSI’s commitment, we will continue to enhance our product design and quality, as well as implement high-quality service to become one of the world’s renowned leading brands. More information can be found at:
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