MSI launches next generation N480GTX and N470GTX codename Fermi

March 29, 2010 // 2:23 p.m.

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MSI Launches Next-gen Graphics Cards: N480GTX & N470GTX
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cards.gifIn order to fulfil the demand for extreme 3D performance, world renowned motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, MSI, today launches two highly anticipated graphics cards: N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12. Both models are built with the latest 40nm NVIDIA GPU with the codename ‘Fermi’. Along with advanced GDDR5 graphics memory, Military Class Components and the MSI exclusive Afterburner overclocking software, these cards will bring unprecedented performance to gamers worldwide.
More Processing Power For Ultra Realistic 3D Performance
The MSI N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 are using the latest 40nm NVIDIA Fermi GPUs with respectively 480 and 448 CUDA cores. They support the latest DirectX 11, OpenCL and OpenGL standards, and come with extremely fast GDDR5 memory to empower the most demanding games.
Free CAPCOM 3-in-1 Game Coupon
In order to enjoy the power of these cards to its fullest, MSI bundles them with a free CAPCOM 3-in-1 coupon*, which allows gamers to download one of the following games for free: Street Fighter IV, Dark Void and Resident Evil 5..
afterburner.gifMSI Afterburner with Burn-in Test and GPU Voltage Control
The N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 can be tuned by MSI’s exclusive Afterburner software to deliver optimal performance. Apart from adjusting the GPU and memory clock speeds, the Afterburner software is also capable of GPU overvoltage to increase the maximum potential when overclocking. The Kombustor burn-in test allows users to find the most optimal and stable settings when pushing the card to its limits.
militaryclass.gifMilitary Class Components: Maximize Stability
To ensure stability and extend its product lifetime, both the N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 are equipped with various Military Class Components such as Hi-c CAPs, All Solid Caps and Solid State Chokes (SSC). The SSC also eliminates the high frequency noise which is common for traditional chokes.
nvidia3dvision.gifNVIDIA Exclusive: 3D Vision Surround, CUDA and PhysX
The MSI N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 support the latest NVIDIA exclusive technologies 3D Vision Surround, CUDA and PhysX. This greatly enhances the special effects in 3D games to create a more immersive gaming experience. With the latest CUDA technology, the GPU can offload the CPU and assist it when doing heavy mathematical calculations. This can significantly enhance the performance of entertainment and general computing applications.
*Note: The availability of free game coupons is subject to the version of products sold in individual regions. No game coupon will be available for products sold in Korea, Japan and China.
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