-- GIGABYTE Unveil New Single-GPU Flagship Radeon™ HD 4890 Graphics Card --

April 4, 2009 // 3:34 p.m.

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-- Endlessly pursuing performance --
Taipei, Taiwan, April 2, 2009 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards today is pleased to launch their latest GV-R489-1GH-B graphics card. Building on the ultimate kernel of ATI Radeon™ 4890 art-of-the-state single-GPU architecture and advanced GDDR5 memory technology, the GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B delivers seamless frame rates with massive graphics processing muscle for any tomorrow’s demanding applications. In addition, the GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B features a wide range of the latest graphics technologies, including TeraScale graphics engine, Dynamic Geometry Acceleration, Quad mode ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support, UVD 2 and PowerPlay™. Just take crazy control over your game and max out the settings at your will.

The GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B features ATI's latest TeraScale graphics engine, boasting it’s over one teraFLOPS of GPU computing power with 800 stream processors and nearly one billion transistors. With 1GB GDDR5 memory, the GV-R489-1GH-B provides twice the data per pin of GDDR3 memory at the same clock speeds. In combination with 24x custom filter anti-aliasing (CFAA) and high performance anisotropic filtering, the GV-R489-1GH-B is able to create true-to-life graphics for everything from grass to facial features so you can max out the settings of the most demanding next generation games or revitalize your favorite titles. Also, with ATI Stream Technology, every user can easily use the massive paralel processing power of GPU for physics, attificial intelligence, stream computing and ray tracing calculations, and tackle demanding tasks like video transcoding with incredible speed. Deservedly, the GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B graphics card provides DirectX 10.1 graphics capabilities to support Shader Model 4.1 for life-like realism and stunning 3D gaming effects.

Benefiting from Avivo™ HD video and display technology, the GV-R489-1GH-B fully supports UVD 2 for decoding processing-intensive content for 1080p HDTV and HD video with additional support for dynamic contrast and enhanced DVD upscaling. The GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B also provides advanced connectivity to TVs and displays with HDMI with 7.1 digital surround audio support. Delivering the ultimate solution for high definition home theaters, the GV-R489-1GH-B is able to take full advantage of Blu-ray functionality with dual-stream, picture in picture (PIP) capabilities and one-cable HDMI™ connectivity.

For breakthrough efficiency of power consumption, the GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B is equipped with ATI PowerPlay™ technology, maximizing performance per watt by delivering the highest level high performance when needed and conserving power when the demand on the GPU is low. GIGABYTE graphics products are also 100% RoHS compliant, from manufacturing to on the store shelves, GIGABYTE provides greener computing solutions with better power efficiency.

For more details of the GIGABYTE GV-R489-1GH-B, please visit the GIGABYTE VGA website at:
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