GIGABYTE Announces Top 3 Winners for Round 2 of the Beat Me If You Dare Competition

December 6, 2009 // 7:58 p.m.

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GIGABYTE thanks for all the supports from respectable overclockers

Taipei, Taiwan, 4th December, 2009 ¡V GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to announce Beat Me If You Dare round two has come to an end on November 30th. GIGABYTE would like to extend our congratulations to top 3 winners, who whose prizes will be doubled since they were successful in beating the top scores benchmarked by the GIGABYTE in-house OC team.

Thanks for all the supports from respectable overclockers, GIGABYTE did a huge progress on holding a whole new graphics OC competition which welcomes challenges from different graphics cards without brand limitation. In the meantime, GIGABYTE would like to congratulate Mr. Michael Graf from U.S.A. won a first prize, using a GIGABYTE GTX 275 Super Overclock Edition, successfully conquered the bottleneck and pushed a new 3DMark Vantage world record with an overall score of P19199 and an incredible GPU score of 18180.

The NVIDIA GTX 275 has proven time and time again to be an amazing overclocking GPU, continually allowing users to break and set higher and higher new world records. Thanks in part to the Beat Me If You Dare competition and all the overclockers¡¦ amazing work, the GTX 275 world record ceiling has possibly been reached with Mr. Michael Graf setting a new 3DMark Vantage world record with GIGABYTE GTX 275 SOC. GIGABYTE would like to congratulate all contestants for their amazing scores.

Round Tow Winners:

First place: Michael Graf from U.S.A.

Second place: James Trevaskis from Australia

Third place: Joren Chen from Hong Kong

Please refer to Winners Page:

For this extreme overclocking event, GIGABYTE chose GTX 260 and GTX 275 as appointed chip sets for the first two rounds, and would like to focus on the next generation of NVIDIA graphics card for the last round of Beat Me If You Dare. Therefore, GIGABYTE decides to postpone the third round of Beat Me If You Dare and will open again for a more suitable GPU.

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