Sunbeamtech Rheosmart Fan Controller

November 3, 2010 // 6:57 a.m.

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Nov 2, 2010–The computer chassis and cooling manufacturer, Sunbeamtech, from Taiwan, has released a family of fan controllers that offer both automatic and manual control modes.

Simplicity in control

Anyone serious about system cooling will have more than a couple of fans inside their system. This means a lot of noise and high power consumption! Sunbeamtech has released a new product series to provide flexibility in fan speed control: the Rheosmart Fan controllers.

The Rheosmart Fan controllers are based on PWM technology and provide just the right amount of cooling, when you need it. This means no wasted electricity and less noise when you are doing light tasks such as browsing the net.

Three models, endless possibilities

The Rhoesmart Fan controllers comes in three different versions, the single channel Rhoesmart PCI, three channel Rhoesmart 3, and the six channel Rhoesmart 6. The Rhoesmart family of controllers also gives you extra freedom by providing you with the ability to use each channel in automatic (PWM) or manual (hand adjusted) mode, thus offering a smart way to control all fans and airflow.

About Sunbeamtech

Sunbeamtech, a name often associated with great performance and value, has been bringing out innovative products from PC chassis to system cooling accessories since DATE!
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