New Modular Accessory Kits From Dremel

Written by Ben Hardwidge

December 23, 2010 // 3:16 p.m.

Dremel has launched a Modular Accessory System of five different kits. Each kit is filled with high quality Dremel accessories and/or attachments, perfect for hobby, DIY or crafting tasks - whether it's engraving, grinding, polishing, cutting or sanding.

Each of the five kits is unique in its contents and comes with internal dividers to create separate compartments for organised storage. Due to their modular set up, the kits can be stacked and connected to each other, using a 'smart click' system, to create an accessory storage tower - saving space on your worktop.

The storage system is compact and lightweight, and is easily carried when necessary.
The five Modular Accessory System kits represent the most popular Dremel accessories from all fifteen categories of carving/engraving, grinding/sharpening, cleaning/polishing and cutting/sanding.

The MAS 720 is a 100-piece multi-purpose selection of Dremel accessories, including the fast-change SpeedClic. Priced £27.99 (RRP).

The MAS 721 contains 135 of the most popular Dremel accessories, packed in two connectable storage cases. Priced £37.49.

The MAS 722 is an extended collection of 165 accessories from all categories, offering boundless possibilities of projects and materials to work with. Again, there are two modular, stackable cases so you can create and expand your own storage system. Priced £46.49.

Two specialist kits have also been created to meet the specific needs of key Dremel users.

The first is the MAS 730 for woodworkers - comprising all the accessories needed for sanding, cutting and engraving, packed in two modular accessory system cases. This kit also includes a detailer's precision grip for increased control and a sanding/shaping platform attachment that allows smooth sanding even at a 45 degree angle. Priced £46.49

The second is the MAS 731, a dedicated kit aimed at cutting and grinding tasks. This is one of the most frequently used categories of Dremel accessories - so the kit includes a selection of cutting and grinding bits, as well as bespoke attachments: the line and circle cutter and the cutting guide attachment. Again, all the accessories are packed in two modular accessory system cases. Priced £46.49.

All the kits include Dremel's unique SpeedClic system providing quick, easy, keyless changes of accessories.

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