New Dremel TRIO cuts, sands and routs

September 23, 2010 // 1:57 p.m.

Dremel has launched a compact yet powerful 3 in 1 Spiral Saw - a multi-functional system that can cut, sand and rout. Perfect for making quick and controlled cuts in wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal and wall tile, the sanding and routing capability of the new Dremel TRIO will take DIY projects from start to finish in no time.

The Dremel TRIO is excellent at tackling numerous jobs in and around the home: cutting a vent in the floorboard, etching a lettered sign for the house, carving a decorative trim for a cabinet edge, installing cabinets, insetting electrical outlets into plaster walls or wall tiles, making new rain gutters, cutting out a space for a new ventilation panel.....

Performing plunge cuts across a variety of materials even in tight spaces is easy with the Dremel TRIO thanks to its pivoting head. Controlled scroll cuts are simplified even if they are an intricate, tight radius or freehand cuts. It allows a superior finish to the project thanks to its spiral action, sanding and routing capability. It also offers a really clean result even when making cuts on smooth surfaces, such as tiles.

Its 360º cutting technology and plunge-cut ability eliminate the need for pilot drilling to start a project, and provide relief cutting for turning corners.

If that's not enough, the Dremel TRIO has superior ergonomics, including its multiple grip zones and its two-position handle with sufficient variable speed to ensure the optimum rate of work using different materials.

Key Features

o 90º pivoting head for superior comfort and control
o On board dust extraction port to maintain a clean workplace
o Protective base to shield delicate pieces of work
o Telescopic foot for accurate depth control while cutting, sanding and routing
o Lock-on button for comfort during extended use
o 10,000 to 20,000 RPM variable speed switch for greater versatility and optimal control
o Much lighter and smaller than a standard jigsaw
o New system with shank for cutting, sanding and routing accessories
Targeted at keen DIY-ers and hobby crafters, the new Dremel TRIO is also compatible with a great range of accessories and attachments for tackling countless projects.

Available accessories at launch include the multipurpose carbide cutting bit, the wall tile cutting bit, the sanding mandrel, two sanding bands, the straight router bit, the corner rounding router bit and the chamfer router bit.

Available system attachments will include the vacuum attachment for a cleaner working environment, better line of sight, easy connection and compatibility with standard vacuum cleaner hoses. Plus a circle cutter to help cut perfect circles, with a maximum circle radius of 160 mm, and an edge guide to help create straight lines while making off-cuts.

The new Dremel TRIO is powered by a 200W motor and comes with a case, the sanding mandrel, six sanding bands, the multipurpose carbide cutting bit, the straight router bit, the straight edge/circle guide attachment and the vacuum cleaner attachment.

"The TRIO may look like a jigsaw but that's where the comparison ends," says Dremel Brand Manager Nick Longford. "It's the first of its kind - a jigsaw, an edge sander and a detail router all-in-one".

Available priced £119.99 from B&Q stores nationwide and online at

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