GIGABYTE Introduces Brand-New Powerful weapon for Gamers, GM-M8000 - Laser Gaming mouse with GHOST™

January 15, 2009 // 3:59 p.m.

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- GHOSTTM gaming series expands unprecedented high-performance gaming mouse -

Taipei, Taiwan, November 7, 2008 – GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, proudly debuts the first-ever GHOST™ Gaming Series mouse with laser engine technology, GM-M8000, equips gamers with the most powerful weapon.

GIGABYTE GM-M8000 is a super powerful mouse designed especially for professional gaming users. With no doubt, it is the highest performance laser engine: with the most accurate precision, no tracking lag, and the highest resolution up to 4000dpi accompanying the unique scaling-designed switching button, which allows users freely adjust their favorite dpi in four levels. Another powerful feature of this weapon is its extra gaming buttons: the five programmable buttons and GHOST engine software, gamers can present five different macros with 3 unique profiles for up to 15 different on-board macro settings of ultimate game-playing flexibility. Having it, expert gamers have the best short-cut to upgrade to the highest rank in any competition and easily win every game competition you face.

GM-M8000 Features & Benefits:

4000dpi High-performance AVAGO 6090 Laser sensor
Support 15 customizable onboard settings with macro editing
Unprecedented Easy “Up-down” DPI adjustment button
Weight tuning up to 38 grams of metal weights
Professional GHOSTTM Engine mouse software suite included

Ergonomic design

No doubt, comfort grip is one of the main needs of gamers; therefore, the GM-M8000 is designed ergonomically to match human body’s suitability. Not only all gaming buttons of GM-M8000 are located on perfect position but also the ergonomic streamline design with sweat-proof shape enables gamers to harness in any games freely and allows you would not be tired even if you play for a long time!

Macro Editing

We believe gamers like to customize their gaming mouse to meet their own needs; therefore, we provide the best unique gaming software, GIGABYTE GHOSTTM Engine, for gamers to record, to read, and to edit the desired scripts, which include complicated keyboard and mouse commands.

With the GHOSTTM Engine integrated capability, GM-M8000 is able to save up to 15 onboard macro settings and then assign to any specific gaming buttons of the mouse without the need to reinstall driver in other computers. Simply press the gaming button to activate all functions base on recorded macros during the game. GM-M8000 helps gamers get rid of repeated practice, reduce burdens, and have more funs.

Switching Profiles

Especially, GIGABYTE GM-M8000 boasts Quick-switch button on the right side of the mouse for profile switching while gamers need real-time to switch in game. Gamers just need to press the switching button to call out the recorded macros. When the active profile is switched, the GIGABYTE LED Indicator immediately changes the colors: Red, Blue, or Green, to indicate the profile selected.

Switching DPI

There are four default DPI speed level, 800, 1600, 3200, and 4000dpi; however, GM-M8000 offers gamers customize dpi speed depends on gamers’ demand. Gamers can program a smaller dpi tracking sensitivity for sniping and shooting in the FPS game, and a higher setting for quicker-move game. Gamers just need to push or pull the Easy “up-down” DPI adjustment button to easily increase or decrease the sensitivity.

Weight-adjusting System

GM-M8000 gives gamers the ways to adjust and balance mouse weight between 6 and 38 grams. Gamers can find the best combination of perfect weights to fit the different gaming type. There are six combinations to weight the mouse for just the right feeling: 6, 12, 18, 26, 32 or 38 grams.

Ultra-DurableTM slick Teflon feet

By using the first class ultra-durable slick Teflon feet, GM-M8000 does not only reduce resistance but also improves accuracy. Enjoy smooth glide in games.

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GIGABYTE Introduces Brand-New Powerful weapon for Gamers, GM-M8000 - Laser Gaming mouse with GHOST™

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