Alphacool launches Eislicht LED lighting modules

Alphacool launches Eislicht LED lighting modules

Alphacool's new Eislicht lighting strips borrow their design from TV and monitor backlights, and are claimed to offer more even lighting than bare-LED strips.

Cooling expert Alphacool has announced it is branching out a little with a new case lighting product, Eislicht, which it claims represents a major leap in lighting quality thanks to a design based on monitor backlights.

The current state of the art in case lighting is, Alphacool has claimed, light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Replacing the old cold-cathode lights, LED strips draw less power and output less heat - but, the company claims, are unattractive due to the visibility of individual surface-mount LEDs and offer patchy lighting. Alphacool's solution? Eislicht (Icelight), an LED strip based on designs originally developed for TV and monitor backlighting.

Each LED strip comes encased in a black aluminium surround, in the centre of which is a diffusion layer over the top of the internal LEDs. The result, the company claims, is the low power draw, heat output, and long lifespan of LEDs but with the uniform and consistent glow of a cathode tube.

A single Eislicht strip measures 312mm x 39mm with a 7mm thickness, and unlike traditional exposed LED strips cannot be curved or cut. Power is provided from a three-pin fan header on a 300mm cable, while magnetic screws allow the Eislicht to attach to steel cases while an adhesive strip is included for more permanent mounting or use with aluminium or other non-magnetic materials.

Presently, Alphacool is offering the Eislicht strips in single colours: red, green, blue, and white, with no news on when or if programmable RGB variants will be offered. Regardless of colour choice each Eislicht is priced at €24.95 (around £21 including VAT), with more information available from the company's official product page.

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edzieba 22nd February 2017, 12:33 Quote
If their main selling point is smoothness of lighting, then their main competition is going to be EL panels. At ~£20, then if you only want a single lighting panel their LED modules are competitive with EL + driver, but if you want more than one lighting panel then EL is a lot cheaper (driver modules are £10-20, but the tape/panels/wires themselves are a handful of quid).
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