Cooler Master announces Case Mod World Series 2017

Cooler Master announces Case Mod World Series 2017

The Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017 is now open for entrants, with a prize pool valued at a total of $40,000 up for grabs.

Cooler Master has officially unveiled the Case Mod World Series 2017, the eighth instalment of its global modding competition that this year include a bonus 25th Anniversary category and has a prize pool valued at $40,000 (approximately £31,900).

The competition is open now, and it's open to all legal adults from all countries. Modding pros and newcomers alike are all welcome, with newbies being encouraged via the company's MasterBuild platform, a microsite dedicated to modding that hosts stories, tutorials, galleries, and other modding-related content. Cooler Master will also be hosting a series of regional modding workshops this year, where fans and enthusiasts can come together, meet up with professional modders, and share ideas. Exact details of said events are yet to be revealed.

Co-sponsors for the Case Mod World Series 2017 include Asus, Nvidia, HyperX, Dremel, and Intel. Exact prizes aren't available yet, but Cooler Master is valuing the prize pool at $40,000, which is $10,000 more than last year - not a bad incentive to get modding.

This year's event also includes a bonus category that celebrates Cooler Master turning 25 this year. The idea of the 25th Anniversary category is to encourage modders to commemorate iconic case's from the company's vast lineup.

'We have created countless product innovations and design break-throughs which paved the way to the standard cases and cooling technology seen today. With this being the 25th year of our company, we wanted to pay tribute by inviting modders to participate in the biggest modding event in the community with a bonus category for $2500 in cash,' said Raymen Wu, Marketing Director.

The other two categories remain unchanged. First up is the Tower Mod category, which must be a modification of any Cooler Master case. Second is the Scratch Build category, where there's no limitation on materials other than having to have at least one clearly identifiable Cooler Master component on show (fans are acceptable). Any materials from pre-existing cases must be unrecognisable in the final build and must not display the logo of the company it came from. Mods from either category can be entered into the 25th Anniversary bonus category - Tower Mod builds must use a case from a pre-selected list, while Scratch Builds must be built to replicate a case from the list. The list of acceptable cases is any from the following series: ATSC, WaveMaster, CM Stacker, Centurion, Praetorian, Cavalier, Ammo, Mystique, CM Media. Winners will be selected from all three categories by Cooler Master and a select panel of judges (including our lovely selves), while a People's Choice award will also be available via a public voting system.

The competition runs from February 3rd to May 3rd. All projects must be registered by March 31st, which involves creating an account on the Cooler Master forum, starting your worklog, and filling out the registration form. You can register multiple mods into different categories if you wish but must go through this process for each one. The project and worklog must be complete by May 3rd, with winners to be announced on May 19th. Mods will not be accepted if they have been entered into a previous Case Mod World Series competition or if they were started before July 1st, 2016.

More details about the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017 are available on the official website.


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