Dremel launches 8200 Platinum Edition toolkit

Dremel launches 8200 Platinum Edition toolkit

Dremel's new 8200 Platinum Edition packs a Dremel 8200, 65 accessories and a carry case.

Dremel has announced the Dremel 8200 Platinum Edition, a new toolkit bundle for its Dremel 8200 rotary tool.

The new toolkit includes the Dremel 8200, 65 accessories, 5 attachments, a spare battery and an aluminium carry case.

The Dremel 8200 is the most powerful of Dremel's cordless rotary power tools, with a 10.8V motor, and is accordingly larger than the recently reviewed Dremel 8100. This makes it less suitable for detail work (though a detail handle attachment is still available and included in this kit) but should make it more capable of coping with tougher materials such as steel. It also features a 1-hour quick charge facility.

Key to the appeal of this bundle is likely to be the included case, which as well as appearing to be sturdily built from aluminium, includes both a clasped flip top and a drawer for all the accessories and attachments, the full range of which are listed below.

  • Detailer's Grip
  • Shaping Platform
  • Cutting Guide
  • Line & Circle Cutter
  • Comfort Guard

  • 2 carving and engraving cutters
  • 3 grinding wheels
  • 8 cleaning and polishing wheels
  • 22 cutting wheels for wood and metal
  • 2 cutting spiral bits
  • 24 sanding drums, discs and finishing abrasive buffs
  • 1/8" drill bit
  • 3 mandrels, including one for the Dremel EZ SpeedClic accessory range.

Dremel has given the whole lot an MSRP of £179.99, which given the tool on its own normally costs around £100, is about on the money when likely high street price reductions are accounted for.

Hitting DIY shops imminently, the Dremel 8200 Platinum Edition does seem like a tempting, if reasonably pricey way to get into the world of rotary tools.


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Tyinsar 24th April 2013, 03:17 Quote
Looks like nice kit but my experiences with the 4200 (a corded version of which two lasted one use each) are making me look at more powerful options.

Still, that toolbox looks quite tempting.
johnnyboy700 24th April 2013, 10:50 Quote
It does look good but its expensive.

I found that the Dremel cut off discs are a bit on the brittle side and oddly the cheap version from Aldi/Lidil were more robust, although the Aldi/Lidil drills and burrs weren't so good.
aleph31 24th April 2013, 11:54 Quote
@Tyinsar I'm interested in adquiring a rotary tool, could you please give a recommendation on a more-powerful, reliable / robust alternative? (your comment on two dying after first use has scared the hell out of me)
aleph31 24th April 2013, 17:53 Quote
Nobody wants to give input on better alternatives to dremel? :S
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