Bit-tech modding forum update - July

Bit-tech modding forum update - July

Nautilus by lenne0815 is just one of the scores of awesome projects on the go in our forum.

After an absence of a year or so, we're pleased to invite back bit-tech forum user Mankz with his modding forum update. He'll be reporting every few weeks on the best new and ongoing projects in our Project Logs forum, as well as any interesting threads from our Modding forum too. Anyway, without further ado, let's hand it over to Mankz:

Our forums have seen a whole raft of new projects recently, starting with Nautilus by lenne0815. The project features CNC mill work, plenty of carbon fibre, use of split moulds and a crazy idea - need we say any more?

Meanwhile, nhenhophach has created one of the most fantastic acrylic cases we've seen in his project ROG RAMPAGE. You'll find custom water cooling parts, a completely custom built case, top-end hardware and much more in this project from Vietnam.

You might think that putting a mini-ITX motherboard in a full-size ATX case would leave a lot of empty space, but not in thechoozen's Corsair Graphite 490T bullet. In this project, thechoozen has cut the case in half, removed the excess space and then put it back together again, combined with a killer paint job and custom panels.

Meanwhile, we've been looking at Nexxo's early plans for his Metaversa 2.0 in the modding forum; a project with influences that range from motorcycles to antique microscopes, which all led to a great discussion on steampunk. We've also had a little sneak peek a t-DSC- by deathstarchris. He's not revealing very much at the moment, but we think the pictures say enough.

And last, but by no means least, we have our two-time bit-tech Mod of the Year champion Attila and his newest creation, Cor Leonis. If you've seen any of his previous work, you'll know what to expect: beauty, precision, hand-made aluminium parts - it's all there. However, this time there is a water cooling setup too.

Seen any other projects or mods we should know about? Then let us know in the forums.


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confusis 21st July 2011, 12:49 Quote
Yay it's back - expect a mod from me in the next few weeks too :)
Fingers66 21st July 2011, 12:53 Quote
Glad to see it's back, good job Mankz.
wuyanxu 21st July 2011, 13:13 Quote
Zurechial 21st July 2011, 13:55 Quote

These roundups are handy, given the pace of threads bumping and sinking within the project log and modding forums.
Mankz 21st July 2011, 15:19 Quote
Look mum im on bit-tech.
Cheapskate 21st July 2011, 16:47 Quote
Thanks, Man! -Totally missed the ROGRampage log.
...Must be the new bionic eye.:D
l3p 21st July 2011, 16:58 Quote
Welcome back Mankz, im here for a year now, but 10k posts wow :P
Yemerich 22nd July 2011, 00:40 Quote
That's amazing! All hail to Bit-tech!

BTW, being Mankz a new editor here can we expect to see boobs in front page?

KidMod-Southpaw 22nd July 2011, 19:01 Quote
Glad to have this back, I want in with my new log!
Waynio 23rd July 2011, 03:30 Quote
Some sweet looking projects there that I didn't know about so I'll have to subscribe :D, thanks for pointing them out Mankz .
KidMod-Southpaw 25th August 2011, 10:29 Quote
I'm very glad this is back, any idea when the august one will be here?
Chriscogley 25th August 2011, 17:21 Quote
im glad that this is back
let the best mods win ;-)
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