Mnpctech finishes Mod Men PC project

Mnpctech finishes Mod Men PC project

The Mod Men PC's water-cooling setup featured a custom-made reservoir and CPU waterblock.

Forum regular and Mod of the Month sponsor Mnpctech, has finally completed The Mod Men PC. The project started several months ago and was built as a part of Mnpctech's Mod Men YouTube video series.

The Mod Men PC has proved extremely popular, notching up over 40,000 views in our Project Log forum since the first update at the beginning of February.

The project was made in collaboration with bit-tech forum user Cheapskate, who also has numerous projects such as Bloo Balls to his name.

Made from scratch using a mixture of acrylic and aluminium, the Mod Men PC also featured a water-cooled CPU and graphics card. Many parts of the water-cooling system were custom-made too, including the reservoir and CPU waterblock.

Mnpctech finishes Mod Men PC project Mnpctech finishes Mod Men PC project
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It's a fantastic-looking PC, and make sure you check out Mnpctech's Mod Men video series for a great insight into how the PC came together. Don't forget to check out the project log in our very own forum too.

Let us know what you think of the project in our forums.


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Bad_cancer 31st March 2011, 11:58 Quote
I loved the last video the best :D

The first review was really funny.

If you work on the acting a little and keep the atmosphere like in the last episode (funny, not totally serious while being instructive and having a nice script), this show will be epic by episode 10 :D

keep it up guys
chrismarkham1982 31st March 2011, 14:07 Quote
not sure i like the look but even thats impressive work
sWW 31st March 2011, 15:28 Quote
wow that looks so nice!
Sheiken 31st March 2011, 15:53 Quote
What impressed me the most is first of all the quality of the show considering this is their first shot at it!
Second of all, I was even more impressed by the quality of this mod and how effortlessly they seemed to pull it off!
EvoDOOM 31st March 2011, 17:08 Quote
Impressive the project looks great and the videos where excellent
MadFusionMedia 31st March 2011, 18:40 Quote
Thanks for the feedback folks - it was a blast. And Bill certainly has a way of making the difficult look a little easier!
kzinti1 31st March 2011, 21:49 Quote
Looks like some kind of free-standing urinal. A Port-a-Potty without walls.
SMIFFYDUDE 1st April 2011, 02:18 Quote
Originally Posted by kzinti1
Looks like some kind of free-standing urinal. A Port-a-Potty without walls.

They must have seen the outdoor urinals in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester and been inspired by them.
red4our 1st April 2011, 17:11 Quote
These guys made the whole process look soooo easy. Not a design I like but the process from concept-to-reality was very impressive.
Angel OD 1st April 2011, 20:08 Quote
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Bill and Cheaps are modding wannabee's. Look at it! Everyone could do this, it just takes a cnc.
Nothing new, nothing great.

"look at me, I can mill a couple of parts and assemble them!" - Sheesh... Give me a break!

It never deserved the front page!

Oh... Aprilfools! :p Frikkin love it! Those guys have more skill in their pinkys than most of us combined! :)
Truly an awesome mod! ;)
mnpctech 1st April 2011, 23:03 Quote
Thanks everybody!

Cheaps and I had great time and hope to share new projects on bit soon!
Angel OD 1st April 2011, 23:46 Quote
Soon is not soon enough! We want more greatness NOW! :)
[WP@]WOLVERINE 4th April 2011, 22:44 Quote
This is actually the first mnpctech mod that i think is a good mod and i guess we have Cheaps to thank for that. Mnpctech has always felt way to much corporate bling than actual modding from the heart. I just think that alot of oldschool modding is getting lost to all this CNC stuff. What ever happened to using simple tools and coming up with new ways to make stunning works of art with simple methods.

Just doing a cad drawing pressing a button and screwing stuff together isnt what its all about (this is my very personal view and NOT a fact) I still love the look of the mod, dont get me wrong but just think how awesome it would have been if it was created totally without cnc.


ill probably will get alot of stick for this comment but hey its my personal opinion :)
Cheapskate 5th April 2011, 17:18 Quote
Thanks guys. It was a lot of fun, (and work.) Getting someone else to build for me was the best part.:D

@Wolverine - The people who do everything by hand will ALWAYS be respected for that. A big part of the ModMen show is teaching the old-school tips. The CNC is just a time (-and back) saving tool for me. I'm not a kid anymore, and I had to switch from an axe to a chainsaw.

@Smiffydude - Outdoor urinals? You mean like a pine tree? I'm too scared to google that...
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