The LEGO cashpoint

The LEGO cashpoint

The LEGO ATM is quite capable of counting and dispensing coins and notes - despite being almost entirely constructed from LEGO NXT parts.

LEGO NXT has long been the building material of choice for budding hackers, but surely there's a limit to what can be achieved with a toy? A cashpoint would be stretching its abilities, surely?

Well, it seems not: demonstrated over on Make, the LEGO NXT Automatic Teller Machine might not be 100 percent pure-blood LEGO - there's a HiTechnic IRLink and a Codatex RFID reader in there as well - but the bulk is nothing more than a toy, and yet it manages to recognise and supply actual cash money.

The in-built scanner is capable of being calibrated to recognise bank notes of any value - although thus far the system has only been tested with US currency - and even features a viewable live histogram so the sensitivity can be adjusted if necessary.

Using custom RFID cards and a customer database kept on an internal flash memory module, the LEGO cashpoint is able to keep track of each individual users' balance and provide on-demand cash with all the features you would expect of an ATM: the in-built numeric keypad, which uses a combination of touch and light sensors, allow a four-digit PIN to be entered, and if the wrong combination is used three times in a row - or if the user waits too long without making a selection - the card is retained. The system is even capable of counting deposited cash, making it possibly the geekiest piggie bank in history.

Programmed in the surprisingly powerful Not eXactly C language, the video of the device in action demonstrates the quite frankly breathtaking capabilities of the machine - including its ability to dispense coins as well as banknotes.

Are you impressed with the power of the LEGO cashpoint, or are you wondering quite what the point is - at least until such a device can be equipped with a modem and linked in to real bank networks? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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alpaca 19th April 2010, 14:21 Quote
would be handy next to the toilet. it is there you think about the things you still have to do that day. going to the bank is frequently one of them. playing with lego is another.
rickysio 19th April 2010, 15:29 Quote
The most easily robbed ATM ever.

Just dismantle it.
Mongoose132 19th April 2010, 15:41 Quote
I reckon I could make it into a car and drive away with the money.
salesman 19th April 2010, 17:33 Quote
and that atm looks cool
LordPyrinc 22nd April 2010, 01:21 Quote
That is awesome. I've been thinking about combining my two favorite hobbies, Legos and RC cars to produce a super fast Lego RC car. More so as a novelty for show. No way the Legos could stand up to the beating my RC cars take. If I ever do act on this thought, I will create a project log for it.
The_Beast 22nd April 2010, 01:29 Quote
practical application of the cash point = none

Coolness factor = off the scale
Prove 22nd April 2010, 06:32 Quote
Have funny thought up)) to Sense from it a little, but idea the darling

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