Forum Modding Update: December 2009

Forum Modding Update: December 2009

oldnewby's Cygnus X1 is a thing of sheer modding beauty. It's a must see!

MNPCTechs Sketchup Case Design Competition 3 is coming to fruition, with some fabulous and ingenious designs for cases with folding@home in mind. Its well worth having another look at as the competition is full of inspiration for all you budding modders.

We all love cool new ideas: water-jet cutting, big cases and stunning photography, so * r e f le X i o n * by Xion X2 fits the bill perfectly.

Mini-ITX mods seem to be all the craze of recent times, from jhanlon's H2O-C7, to Stonedsurd's Project PC3. Phinix has also jumped aboard the mini-ITX boat, with his Nano Tower. He has looked at the ITX case in a refreshingly different way, going tall instead of lengthways. We have also been discussing mini-ITX case designs in the forums as well if you want to join in!

Making money for charity is a great thing, and its even better when it involves amazing painting skills. A Danger Den case, custom cooling loops and highest end hardware are the theme of DarthBeveis's Nvidia Charity Build.

[WP@]WOLVERINE has long been one of bit-tech's regular modders, and his recent adventures with a Dremel and four Coolermaster ACTS840's have engravings that will make most modders weak at the knees.

And finally, there are stunning projects, and then there is oldnewby's finished Cygnus X1. Even without the computer in it, it's an utter work of art. When you then consider that ALL of it was built by hand, with no CNC mills or lathes anywhere near, it just makes it all even more staggering. Take some time to read it - you owe it to yourself!

Thoughts? Feelings? Complements and (constructive) criticisms? Drop us a line, in the forum.


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stonedsurd 2nd December 2009, 15:44 Quote
Oh hey! I got a mention!

Thankz Mankz :D

Nice update as always. I really like these monthly things.
DAVEtheRAVE 2nd December 2009, 15:59 Quote
Cheers Mankz!
DarthBeavis 2nd December 2009, 18:52 Quote
confusis 2nd December 2009, 19:48 Quote
coolcool - might want to update it with the voting thread for the contest though :)
Autti 3rd December 2009, 01:03 Quote
Its great that bit-tech take such a good interest in the modding community now :)
Cygnus X1 for MOTY!
Cleveland216 3rd December 2009, 01:25 Quote
Guess I need to work hard and be more original with my build
jhanlon303 3rd December 2009, 02:38 Quote
Nice article with several key areas of our latest projects, people and discussions.
Well done once again, Mankz.
bentleya 3rd December 2009, 07:15 Quote
Great job Mankz :D.
Mankz 3rd December 2009, 21:10 Quote
Why thanks, sorry on the MNPCtech compo front, I didn't realise the thread was closing.
Originally Posted by Cleveland216
Guess I need to work hard and be more original with my build

Originality has nothing to do with it, its just good or different ideas and good execution.

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