Dremel introduces tiny cordless screwdriver

Dremel introduces tiny cordless screwdriver

Dremel's new cordless screwdriver, called the Driver, has a length of just 12.6cm.

At first glance, you might be wondering why Dremel thinks it’s worth making a big deal about its new Driver tool (pictured right), as it just looks like another standard rechargeable drill. This is only because there’s no reference for scale in the photo, though. The new Driver is just 12.6cm long, weighs 430g (less than your average jar of jam) and will fit in your pocket. In fact, Dremel claims that it’s “the most compact cordless screwdriver on the market.”

The idea is that it gives you a highly portable electric screwdriver that you can use for small jobs that require greater precision than you’ll get from a big hefty drill. This means that you can get an electric screwdriver into small spaces that you couldn’t reach with a standard drill, and it also enables you to get closer to your work. According to Dremel, greater precision will also be provided by the tool’s “superior balance compared to the standard pistol-grip,” and says that the Driver’s ergonomic shape “fits your hand like a glove.”

Dremel claims that the Driver’s small size makes it ideal for “working on electronics such as PCs and circuit boards, or radio controlled products in cars, boats and planes.” The company also says it will be handy for repairing audio and video devices, as well as model work and miniature ship building.

As well as this, Dremel says the Driver will be ideal for DIY tasks such as installing light fittings and assembling flat-pack furniture. In fact, two IKEA bits are included in the set of eight screwdriver bits that are provided in the package. The 7.2V driver itself has a variable speed that can spin at up to 300rpm, and Dremel also says that it features a “linear RPM 'ramp-up' for extreme accuracy, especially at low RPM.” This, says Dremel, will provide more you with more control when you start the tool.

The Dremel Driver is available from Dremel Direct now for £55.78 inc VAT. Are there many occasions where you don’t have enough room to use a standard electric screwdriver? Let us know whether you’d be interested in the Dremel Driver in the forums.


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badders 10th March 2009, 12:35 Quote
Aww, come off it. Really?
Anywhere that has enough room, I use the DeWalt.
Anywhere that doesn't, I suck it up and use a manual screwdriver.

Okay, plus several points for trying, but I don't think many people are inconvenienced enough to shell out £55 for one?
Bauul 10th March 2009, 12:41 Quote
"£55.78 inc VAY"?

Whoop, I'd definately pay £55.78 if it comes included with Vay!!
Krikkit 10th March 2009, 13:13 Quote
Sounds pretty pimping for a decent cordless screwdriver. Decent low-RPM control is a good idea tbh, vital for a decent screwdriver.
Blademrk 10th March 2009, 13:26 Quote
looks like the both the Dremel Stylus and the Bosch screwdriver to me (aren't Dremel owned by Bosch?)
Sifter3000 10th March 2009, 13:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Bauul
"£55.78 inc VAY"?

Whoop, I'd definately pay £55.78 if it comes included with Vay!!

Those typos, Oy Vey!
FatMikel 10th March 2009, 13:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Blademrk
looks like the both the Dremel Stylus and the Bosch screwdriver to me (aren't Dremel owned by Bosch?)

Aye. This really isn't a massive step forward.
Redbeaver 10th March 2009, 14:27 Quote
ive seen this on my local home depot store.... last year........

cute, but not worth the asking price.
legoman666 10th March 2009, 15:57 Quote
Hamish 10th March 2009, 16:14 Quote
£55? think ill just stick with a decent ratchet screwdriver :p
Nicb 10th March 2009, 17:54 Quote
How many turns with a hand screw driver for the average PC screw?? I would get to confident and start using it on my MB and wreck it. I have a few Dremels and I never use them for electronics. The screws are so short I believe I can get them out/in in the same amount of time.
Blademrk 10th March 2009, 19:31 Quote
I've got one of these Gofers which I find handy was £10 from B&Q.
Nexxo 10th March 2009, 19:44 Quote
What happened to manual precision screwdrivers? Use them correctly and they are just as fast.
malcolm 10th March 2009, 20:12 Quote
Too expensive and too big... Fail... come back when you've sorted those out eh...
mclintox 10th March 2009, 20:18 Quote
I'll stick with my Snap-On kit.
talladega 10th March 2009, 21:25 Quote
I just recently got a Craftsman cordless screwdriver.,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=0.9,0.5,0,0

Regular price is $40USD but I got it for $8.50 on eBay.

It has only a 4.0v lithium ion battery instead of 7.2v but it works great so far. Mine is a bit bigger than that Dremel one though. It's 16cm long instead of 12cm. Oh well.

It has been very handy. I do have a full size cordless drill but it's very old and the batteries don't last long so whenever I wanna use it I have to first charge them up. This one I have in my room instead of the garage so quick easy access and saves a lot of time. Especially if you and using locknuts on a screw. Turning those with screwdriver and wrench takes much longer.
The_Beast 10th March 2009, 21:38 Quote
if your really in that tight of space why not just use an elbow

It isn't worth it to me
Krikkit 11th March 2009, 01:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Nexxo
What happened to manual precision screwdrivers? Use them correctly and they are just as fast.

Not as easy to get a good torque on normal precision drivers though, and proper-handled ones would be a bitch to carry round. :)
_DTM2000_ 11th March 2009, 14:36 Quote
My mate's got a Bosch one that I'm sure is quite a bit smaller than that and cost much less. It comes in a tin.
But that has virtually no torque. I don't know if this Dremel is more powerful. To be honest though, I would prefer to use a good old manual screw driver on small or delicate applications. Electric drivers have a nasty tendency to shred screw heads and slip etc.
Federico58 8th February 2010, 17:33 Quote
I stick to my old Makita 9.6 V. works great and is reliable.
D-Cyph3r 8th February 2010, 18:18 Quote
A 10-12v right angled cordless screwdriver will fit in tighter spaces.
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