Mod of the Month - December 2008 Winner

Mod of the Month - December 2008 Winner

A little water goes a long way to cooling this mini build

Our last Mod of the Month competition of this year has drawn to a close and it's been a close call this month with several of the cases scoring highly in the voting. However, there can be only one winner; the mini-ITX watercooled mod, H2O-C7, by Jhanlon303.

To put it in his own words its the world's only H2O cooled, carbon fiber cased Jetway mini-ITX C7 on the planet and WE on Bit-Tech are building it.

Amen to that!

Out of the five excellent mods this month, not a single one failed to capture the hearts of our readers as all the mods warranted a fair amount of votes each - we congratulate everyone for taking part and wish them well in finishing their work!

Mod of the Month - December 2008 Winner

For his efforts, Jhanlon303 has won himself a prize pack from the guys at ACRyan and from the folks over at Asus - an EN9600GT Matrix graphics card! Hopefully both will be of use to him in his next project!

Mod of the Month - December 2008 Winner

If you want to check out the H2O-C7 project log in detail you can see it here and if you want to see how close this months votes were, that's over here. Finally, leave your congratulations, here!

Mod of the Month - December 2008 Winner


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perplekks45 20th December 2008, 14:35 Quote
John voted for himself! :p

No worries though, well deserved win there. Been following all of these logs more or less closely and if I'd remembered to vote it'd have been John's build.

Anyways, congratulations John!
Cheapskate 20th December 2008, 17:22 Quote
I told him to do it.:D I said he deserved to be a little selfish. He thought it was funny that the contest might end with a tie.
slugbug 20th December 2008, 17:39 Quote
ComputerKing 20th December 2008, 18:19 Quote
tranc3 20th December 2008, 22:53 Quote
Congrats!! well deserved!
Stickeh 21st December 2008, 01:26 Quote
Well deserved, and couldn't go to a better person on bit-tech imo.
jhanlon303 21st December 2008, 02:07 Quote
Thanks everyone! It's not done yet. More fun to come when the CF panels get here.

Langer 21st December 2008, 02:20 Quote
Don't look at me... They are in the hands of the post now.

Congrats again mate.
Scirocco 21st December 2008, 03:13 Quote
Woo, congrats, John! Can hardly wait to see this done.
Blademrk 21st December 2008, 17:44 Quote
jhanlon303 7th January 2009, 02:33 Quote
Been sitting here for a bit. I sit a lot and I found a review of the 9600GT Matrix video card here -

Not a bad piece of kit for someone(me) who has never owned a video card.

Did BT ever review this card?

Thanks again.

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