Mod of the Month July Winner

Mod of the Month July Winner

Paperazzi by acey has stolen the show in one of our toughest competitions.

Well, the ballot box is stuffed, the votes are in and counted. And then recounted. And then we had to include a hanging chad or two. And then we had the vote contested, so we took the vote away from the populous and elected our own...

Aww, who are we kidding? The tally is right here.

That's right, it's the end of the voting for July's Mod of the Month contest here at bit-tech. And what a contest it was!

Out of the five excellent mods this month, not a single one failed to capture the hearts of at least ten percent of the readers, and it seemed like a couple of them would bounce back and forth through the voting. But at the end of the contest, the excellent Paperazzi by acey moved ahead of PrometheusCu by Langer by just the narrowest of margins to take the title.

Mod of the Month July Winner

For his efforts, acey has won himself a great prize pack from the folks over at AC Ryan - hopefully those guys will hook him up with a little more material than paper for his next project!

There's only a couple more weeks before we're onto August's contest, so hurry up and get to work! Of course, on your way, you should take a moment to stop by and congratulate acey in the forums!


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ComputerKing 19th August 2008, 16:42 Quote
Gratz ;) Well done buddy
Cheapskate 19th August 2008, 18:01 Quote
Congratulations, Acey.
E.E.L. Ambiense 19th August 2008, 18:11 Quote
Congrats, man. What a weird mod! ;)
Thacrudd 19th August 2008, 20:46 Quote
Good job man, well deserved ;)
Timmy_the_tortoise 19th August 2008, 21:37 Quote
Congratulations, dude.. a really awesome mod, certainly deserving of the win.

Commiserations to all the other guys, some really great mods in July, but only one can win.
acey 20th August 2008, 22:03 Quote
Thanks mates! Never thought I'd win lol. It had been fun, but still, theres much more to do for the full set :D
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