April Mod of the Month Winner

April Mod of the Month Winner

Sonnenschein's project Sinuskurve has won April's Mod of the Month.

Well, it's time for the announcement you've all been waiting for - the polls have been closed, the votes have been counted, and we're ready to announce the winner of the April Mod of the Month.

And the winner is...

Well, before we get into all of that, shouldn't we cover what the prize is? Sure, of course we should!

April Mod of the Month Winner
April Mod of the Month Winner

This month's prizes are sponsored by our awesome friends at Corsair Memory and AC Ryan. Corsair has been kind enough to hand our winner a 4GB TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX kit of DDR2. And the chaps at AC Ryan are sweetening the deal with even more kit, including their usual prize package with a few extra goodies thrown in.

Of course, if you didn't find yourself in the running for the Mod of the Month contest, don't worry - there's another chance right around the corner when we bring you May's contest. For next month, I've got a special sponsor lined up that'll help give you another project to start working on, sponsored by the guys at NZXT.

So, that wraps up this news brief...

Oops! We forgot one more thing...the winner! The honours go Sonnenschein, the creator of the awesome Sinuskurve project. Congratulations!


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wbdog206 17th May 2008, 15:00 Quote
congrats on the win
Cheapskate 17th May 2008, 16:12 Quote
All that soldering is finally paying off. :D Congratulations.
Jipa 17th May 2008, 17:16 Quote
Grats for the winner! Well deserved IMO.

Though I'm still wanting to see the cube by hotton in a MOTM contest...
StephenK 17th May 2008, 18:50 Quote
Woo! Congrats!
Cadillac Ferd 17th May 2008, 19:54 Quote
As usual all the mods in the contest were soooo good, any of them could've won and I would've thought they deserved it. Congrats Sonnenschein! Really fantastic work my friend.
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