Ben Heck unveils Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

Ben Heck unveils Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

The Xbox 360 Elite Laptop from Ben Heck is a rather stunning piece of kit, isn't it?

Ben Heck has finally revealed his latest masterpiece - a complete Xbox 360 Elite laptop, with screen, keyboard and several degrees of awesome.

Unveiled today on Ben's official site, the laptop is the most impressive piece of console moddery we've yet seen emerge from Ben's workshop.

True, this laptop is a tad on the bulky side, but if gaming machines like those XPS monstrosities can still qualify as laptops, then this certainly can. Besides, it doesn't actually seem all that bulbous compared to the original Xbox 360 design.

Ben has eschewed the black paintjob of the 360 Elite and decorated the case of his design with a swanky, futuristic green look that incorporates the diagnostic lights and power button into the usual trackpad position - useful for those inevitable red rings of death.

Best of all, Ben has included a full picture by picture breakdown of how he built the laptop in question, which should be useful for any aspiring modders out there who don't mind risking their Xbox 360 in the name of the ultimate bragging rights.

Ben Heck also worked on designing the latest e-Dimensional Audio FX Pro 5+1 gaming headset, which we had a look at recently.

Are you going to have a go at creating your own Xbox 360 Elite laptop, or are you more interested in the old-school PC mods like our current favourite, the Weighted Companion Cube PC? Let us know in the forums.


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cjoyce1980 4th February 2008, 12:10 Quote
only if microsoft would release this............ then sony would be screwed.
sandys 4th February 2008, 12:17 Quote
can't get on his site, does it have a PC inside too or is it just a 360, if its just a 360 it has limited use as a portable machine as all it could do is play games.
TTmodder 4th February 2008, 13:31 Quote
Can´t acces the side either, but i´ve seen some of the older revisions based on the ordinary xbox 360, and no there´s no computer inside.
TreeDude 4th February 2008, 13:40 Quote
Originally Posted by sandys
can't get on his site, does it have a PC inside too or is it just a 360, if its just a 360 it has limited use as a portable machine as all it could do is play games.

It is just a 360. There is no way you could fit a PC in there as well. Not to mention twice the heat would be generated.

Not sure if it was Ben, but I saw an Xbox360 laptop before the Elite came out that was different from this one. Though this one looks a lot better.
FR34K 4th February 2008, 16:53 Quote
he's made 3; an Xbox Laptop, Xbox 360 Laptop, and now this Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

I think the site may be currently down...I can't get on it either. really wanna see the work log on this sucker.

edit: it's back online...

also... I think I prefer the original Xbox 360 Laptop(the white one before this) looked better IMO, and it was freakin liquid cooled.
sandys 4th February 2008, 17:19 Quote
Still can't load his site, I didn't know if perhaps there was a nanoITX in there or something, laptops are generally poor and not upgradeable so something that you could use as a games machine and a web/office machine would be pretty cool, problem with most gaming laptops is the graphical juice is never enough in the end and they aren't really upgradeable.

I guess the same thing could be done with a PS3 in the future once a slimline variant comes out, then you could also run Linux on it.
rowin4kicks 4th February 2008, 18:23 Quote
The ps3 runs much hotter than the xbox 360 does and has some hardcore cooling inside that has been designed to just about fit into that space let alone something smaller so i guess you will have to wait for the ps3 slim lol

i agree the white xbox laptop does look much better!

does any1 know if that is a hd screen, (ie a computer monitor?)?
HourBeforeDawn 4th February 2008, 19:20 Quote
ya the xbox 360 "laptop" mod has already been done but this certainly looks a lot cleaner.
wuyanxu 4th February 2008, 20:13 Quote
so now you can plug in a mouse and play Halo 3?? ace!

mouse > controller :)
rhuitron 4th February 2008, 21:38 Quote
And they say Computers only rule 14% of the gaming market!

Bah! I tell you! Bah!
bigniall 5th February 2008, 07:54 Quote
Can't get on the site but has he integated a PSU or do you stil have to carry about the extra 'brick' to get it working - kind of defeats the portability aspects if he hasn't.
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