Game and Watch modded into phone

Game and Watch modded into phone

The Octopus Game and Watch phone still appears to be fully functional.

Crazy Modder, the man behind the Wiiphone, has done it again and fused a Nintendo console into his mobile phone - but this time he has decided to go retro and create the Game and Watch phone.

The Game and Watch is a classic piece of vintage Nintendo design and Crazy Modder has celebrated it by fusing one with his mobile phone. Sure, why not?

By the looks of it, both the phone and Octopus Game and Watch are still fully functional - and there wouldn't have been much point if at least one of them wasn't working. The result is a devilishly good looking bit of fun that also happens to offer the very best mobile gaming that our infinite melancholy will allow us to recall.

Unfortunately, details are a little sparse on how the mod was constructed, nor why the idea occurred to him in the first place, but Gizmodo is currently hosting a small photo gallery if you want to take a gander.

On the other hand, you could stay here and check out our own modding section, complete with scratch-builds, project logs and regular contests. Go on, you know you want to.

What do you think to the Game and Watch phone? Have you ever tried a small mod like this before? Let us know in the forums.


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mrplow 1st February 2008, 13:01 Quote
It kinda looks like less of a mod and more of a 'gluing-two-things-together'...
[WP@]WOLVERINE 1st February 2008, 13:09 Quote
this was kinda worthless as a modd. OOOOOOO i glued a game&Watch to my cellphone ooooo this is like inserting a ledfan in your case and calling it a casebuild. im not impressed......
Jamie 1st February 2008, 14:14 Quote
I used to have a mario game and watch but I've lost it and now it's worth a fair few quid. Very angry.
Rebourne 2nd February 2008, 04:48 Quote
That guy must really like putting phones in stuff.
zerolock 2nd February 2008, 16:12 Quote
quite nice but do agree with mrplow and wolverine @ not-so-mod-like :P
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