Mod of the Year 2007 winner announced

Mod of the Year 2007 winner announced

Congratulations to Nick Falzone, creator of Yuugou - this year's bit-tech Mod of the Year.

Over the festive period, we ran our second annual Mod of the Year contest, and as I am sure you know we were determined to make this one special. Not only was it the biggest giveaway we’ve ever had on bit-tech but it has also been our most successful with more than double the number of votes we had in last year’s contest.

Given the standard of the mods published on bit-tech this year, we were expecting this one to be close and it sure was – the top three places were within a couple of percentage points of each other.

The winning mod, as voted for by the bit-tech community was Yuugou by Greensabbath – it edged out a lead right on the last day of voting and accounted for almost 22 percent of the total votes in this year’s contest.

A close second was LUMINA by Design_Master, while The Tetris Mod by Planet Express Klan was a worthy third.

Nick Falzone, creator of Yuugou, adds his first place this year to last year’s third place with his excellent Sangaku mod – congratulations from all of the bit-tech team. He walks away with a massive prize pool, which includes the following:We’d like to say a massive thanks to all of our sponsors this year, including those that were part of the frequent reader giveaways during the voting period. When you’re building your next rig, please consider using these companies’ products – without their support for the modding community, this competition wouldn’t have been as successful as it has been.

We’d also like to say a massive thanks to you, our readers, for participating in the contest and crowning bit-tech’s Mod of the Year. Next year, we plan to make the contest even better than this year – stay tuned for updates on that towards the end of the year!

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Zero_Limits 14th January 2008, 13:43 Quote
Congratulations Greensabbath, well deserved win! It is a beautiful case that has inspired me and I'm sure many others to make better mods in the hope we can reach that level of quality one day. And congrats to all the others who placed and just made it to be a contender, all great mods with much work and skill involved!
samkiller42 14th January 2008, 13:45 Quote
WOW, congratulations fella, that is an awesome win, And now you have mega awesome hardware to make another awesome MOD:D

Congrats again.

BioSniper 14th January 2008, 13:45 Quote
Grats. A well deserved win :)
Mankz 14th January 2008, 13:46 Quote
A very worthy winnner.

[WP@]WOLVERINE 14th January 2008, 13:46 Quote
ahhh Finally Nick can stop bugging the crap out of me on msn :D Congrats man!! :D
Xtrafresh 14th January 2008, 13:48 Quote
about time you won this contest, now you can finally start on something else then japanese wood :D

j/k keep on rocking man!

oh, and next time, gimme some of those prizes!>:(
Bluephoenix 14th January 2008, 13:56 Quote
well, anodize it black and break out the wood again ;)

good job!
walle 14th January 2008, 14:00 Quote
Congratulations, well done Green…
Glider 14th January 2008, 14:03 Quote
Deserved to win... I voted on 1 of the Japanese cases, but I can't remember which one...
C-Sniper 14th January 2008, 14:11 Quote
Congratz! you made some Beautiful cases so this is well deserved!
cjoyce1980 14th January 2008, 14:12 Quote
naokaji 14th January 2008, 14:50 Quote
i voted for your other case.. but that one is very nice too.. congratulations
sub routine 14th January 2008, 15:07 Quote
Sleepstreamer 14th January 2008, 16:02 Quote
Congratulations! :D
PrometheusCon 14th January 2008, 16:04 Quote
Nice loot! That was one well deserved winner. Beautifully constructed case!
slugbug 14th January 2008, 16:21 Quote
Congrats Nick!
E.E.L. Ambiense 14th January 2008, 16:24 Quote
100% worth it. Beautiful job on it, so it deserves it. Man, all that loot, and he's got a very high probability he will win the Intel modding contest too! He's gonna be up to his neck in Extreme procies! ;)
Cheapskate 14th January 2008, 19:00 Quote
Congratulations! Next year build only ONE case so you will win by a higher margin.:D
Hasle 14th January 2008, 19:06 Quote
Congratulations! Marvelous job on the case.
oasked 14th January 2008, 19:08 Quote
Congratulations, this is indeed the mod I voted for too. Enjoy all the freebies! :)
Stuey 14th January 2008, 19:27 Quote
Woo! Congrats!
misterkholl 14th January 2008, 19:37 Quote
wow! congrats Nick!!!!!

Congrats Design_Master, Planet Express Klan and all the others guys!!!

Congrats and thanks Bit-tech and the sponsors!!! awesome contest!!
bumfluff 14th January 2008, 19:47 Quote
Woooo, I picked the winner right this year.
Cadillac Ferd 14th January 2008, 20:20 Quote
Gorgeous, original looking work, very much a deserved win. Congrats man.
lamboman 14th January 2008, 20:22 Quote
Originally Posted by bumfluff
Woooo, I picked the winner right this year.

+1. A stunning case, well done!
StephenK 14th January 2008, 21:15 Quote
Glad to see it. There were lots of nice entries this year too! Congrats Nick!
The_Beast 14th January 2008, 22:30 Quote
Very nice

congrats ;)
Scirocco 14th January 2008, 22:40 Quote
Congratulations! A great win in a field difficult to choose from. Certainly no shortage of modding talent on display.
nitrous9200 14th January 2008, 22:57 Quote
I didn't vote for it, but I still like it because it's just so unique. I'll add my congrats too, you're pretty lucky getting all of that good stuff for free!
g_gimbert 14th January 2008, 23:46 Quote
Congratulations! Although I didn't vote for this particular mod its still beautiful! Designing my own wooden case at the moment - won't be anything compared to this - just going for ease of build so far for my first mod!
Dead Ghost 15th January 2008, 00:39 Quote
Heh, congrats for the win, it was my #1 choice also.
DeXtmL 15th January 2008, 13:12 Quote
It's a sweet mod. it deserves the prize
thecrownles 15th January 2008, 17:17 Quote
how many votes?
MJudg 15th January 2008, 20:27 Quote
“ (yuugou) edged out a lead right on the last day of voting..”

it seems sunday was the decision day ..congrats the winners, specially design_master

how many votes this year?
Edvuld 18th January 2008, 07:16 Quote
Congratulations, well deserved. It would've been a shame if you didn't win because your votes got divided over two cases...
CanadianViking 18th January 2008, 07:22 Quote
Great work Greensabbath, as everyone has said, you really deserve this.

I gotta get modding, the free kit you can win is just amazing me! ;):p
notatoad 18th January 2008, 08:23 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim
Cooler Master aluminium chassis courtesy of YoyoTech, anodised to the colour of choice by ChilledPC
now what could he possibly do with that?:D

congrats on the win greensabbath, well deserved.
Lupo_IM 18th January 2008, 12:07 Quote
very very very compliments Nick!!!! ;)
greensabbath 18th January 2008, 12:52 Quote
Hey everyone, sorry for not responding sooner, my internet decided to die right after i found out about the contest. I'd like to send a warm thanks to all the contestants and voters in this contest and especially the guys at bit-tech for working their asses off to make this whole thing possible. I'll have some smaller projects up in the worklog section soon that i hope you guys all like, but until then, thanks again for helping to make bit-tech the best place in the world for modding!
aMotta 19th January 2008, 19:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Edvuld
Congratulations, well deserved. It would've been a shame if you didn't win because your votes got divided over two cases...

Some guys still didnt learn what is the true meaning of MOTY. This is a MOD of the Year contest, not a MODDER of the Year one...
sethnmalice 19th January 2008, 22:57 Quote
Congrats GreenSabbath, Although I didnt vote for you, You are truly a master at your field, and the case did come up looking great, as all your work does :)
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