Mod your PS3 Blu-Ray, make a phaser

Mod your PS3 Blu-Ray, make a phaser

"Set phasers to 'read discs of better than DVD quality', Mr Sulu!"

This isn't strictly PC modding, I know. On the other hand though, it's so awesomely cool that I don't think you'll mind and it does involve using bits of a PlayStation 3, so it has a loose gaming connection.

KipKay over Instructables posted this inventive little mod a few days ago, detailing how to create a Blu-Ray/Star Trek phaser for under $100.

Instead of ripping a brand new PlayStation 3 to pieces and ruining a perfectly good console (silence Nintendo fanboys!), KipKay started off by getting a PS3 Blu-Ray laser assembly off of Ebay for under $50. Couple that with an Aixiz Laser Housing ($7) and some batteries, resistors and switches, and you've got yourself a neat little laser emitter.

The cool part though is mounting it inside a classic Star Trek phaser pistol toy to create your very own Blu-Ray phaser. The not so cool part is when you accidentally blind yourself whilst playing with it.

KipKay has posted a detailed step-by-step photo guide, as well as a video of phaser in action.

Now, before you go running off to make your own Blu-Ray phasers or HD-DVD pulse rifles, we've got a quick and deliberately controversial question for you - one designed to shake the community to the core. Ready? Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? Discuss it on the forums!


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kenco_uk 12th November 2007, 12:00 Quote
No contest - Star Wars.
Redbeaver 12th November 2007, 12:06 Quote
pfffft.......wadaya guys mean? of course there is NO contest.. they're both in the same universe! They're just very...far...far... apart.

its like asking which is better; batman or superman. like... duh!

CardJoe 12th November 2007, 12:13 Quote

Blatantly. In the future scenarios played out by many of the Comics Superman ends up working for the government and Batman is the only true superhero left after The Punisher is killed - all others are either killed, retire or are recruited by organisations and governments. Only Batman refuses to give in and has the strength to carry on fighting for what he believes - which is why the government send Superman to kill him and why, even then, Batman is able to match him blow for blow (with kryptonite knuckledusters). IIRC the comic ends with the two of them in the sewers about to deal each other killing blows, both crying.

It's pretty obvious I spent the weekend re-reading Civil War and House of M, isn't it?

Rorscarch pwns them both though, or The Question
Delphium 12th November 2007, 12:15 Quote
Wars wins hands down, Trek does not even deserve to be in the same contest, if you can call it that
Joeymac 12th November 2007, 12:18 Quote
I dislike most of Star Wars, there is only an hour or two of entertainment in the whole series. In Star Trek there has to be more than two hours of watchable Scifi across the series's and movies.

HD DVD uses the same blue-violet laser as Blu-Ray.. you could also pull apart a cheap HD player to blind yourself and look cool with.
Delphium 12th November 2007, 12:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Joeymac
I dislike most of Star Wars, there is only an hour or two of entertainment in the whole series. In Star Trek there has to be more than two hours of watchable Scifi across the series's and movies.

That is because Star Wars is made of pure awesomeness and WIN, and thus does not need to pack it self out with non reclaimable hours from ones life.
Jamie 12th November 2007, 12:24 Quote
This looks like the same sort of laser you get in

PS. The narrative on the video has to be the most annoying thing ever!
fwalm 12th November 2007, 12:42 Quote
Star Wrs but where is this custom maad star wars gun you talk about, I must have one to blind the enemy.
Veles 12th November 2007, 12:55 Quote
Babylon 5
Jordan Wise 12th November 2007, 13:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles
Babylon 5

just.... no!
outlaw 12th November 2007, 13:25 Quote
i dont like any of them, i find them.. well ive never had the patience to sit down and watch em :/
Joeymac 12th November 2007, 13:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles
Babylon 5

Holy crap no.. That show was so bad it went past bad.. went past "so bad it's good" and onwards into "so bad I want to rip my eyes out just in case I happen to see this again".

What were the makers of it thinking...! "Hmmmm I know; political babble and diplomatic wank makes for great drama.. lets recreate that wonderful boring.. then put everyone in rubber masks and get them to speak funny."
[USRF]Obiwan 12th November 2007, 13:33 Quote
Stargate afcourse...
proxess 12th November 2007, 13:51 Quote
Luke, I am your father.
CardJoe 12th November 2007, 14:21 Quote
Hugo 12th November 2007, 14:57 Quote
Stargate is clearly the best series.
Darkedge 12th November 2007, 15:31 Quote
All wrong - Firefly.
CardJoe 12th November 2007, 15:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Darkedge

Hugo 12th November 2007, 15:58 Quote
Motion carried. Original submission retracted
Hells_Bliss 12th November 2007, 17:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Darkedge
All wrong - Firefly.


SW also Lose, you got Jar Jar Binks. Trekkies have tribbles.
Woodstock 12th November 2007, 18:07 Quote
Wrong you are, star wars and superman for sure
-EVRE- 12th November 2007, 18:31 Quote
I have a 20mw green laser.... dont use what ever you get inside or point it at anyone.

Even with an IR filter my laser will EASILY blind someone.

For the laser to be seen in air, I imagine its packing a bit of punch mw wise. Think of the dot as having about 20x the suns brightness on it + the IR radiation, which your iris will not close down for..

Just an FYI!

Cool as heck!


p.s. Star Trek all the way!
Fire Fly beats them all, but they dont have laser blasters.
(well, in one episode they did, but the gun didnt work!)
HourBeforeDawn 12th November 2007, 19:25 Quote
to be honest I never liked star wars, only thing good to me about star wars was Natalie Portman, so I guess I will have to say Star Trek.
Corvyne 12th November 2007, 20:36 Quote
You're still all wrong - Farscape
Hells_Bliss 12th November 2007, 20:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Corvyne
You're still all wrong - Farscape

the only redeeming factor about that show was it was filmed in Australia.
supermonkey 12th November 2007, 21:37 Quote
Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars?
Middle Earth.

Constructacon 12th November 2007, 22:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Hells_Bliss
the only redeeming factor about that show was it was filmed in Australia.

With Gigi Edgley ;)

Only the original unhacked SW trilogy as well as the Phantom Edits rock. All the rest blow.

Battlestar Galactica eff tee dubbya!
mr_carl 12th November 2007, 23:48 Quote
Star Wars winns but the best SciFi is Red Dwarf no question about it, and a bit of firefly as well.

Oh and the best superhero issss...... well I have to com back to that.
Clocked 13th November 2007, 00:46 Quote
All good shows in their own right, Starwars/Star Trek It's got to be the original un-murdered Star Wars.

Firefly was pretty good

Stargate was good - Atlantis is better

Red Dwarf is Fantastic

Lost faith in Battlestar Galactica tho I'll still watch it

In saying that though I'm a scifi whore I forced myself to watch some sliders the other night and it was mindless drivel...

I want the Phaser - i guess this would work with those lasers i saw on youtube bursting balloons
JCBeastie 13th November 2007, 11:47 Quote
I don't get how they can sell us a Blu-Ray player for several hundreds but you can buy the laser assembly for less than $50...?

I mean I though that was the exotic component that drove the price up! :S
completemadness 13th November 2007, 20:36 Quote
After being a game a few times recently, the PS3 doesn't actually look that bad

Where i am, its like £330 ... the Xbox360 is about £270 and the wii is £240 (if you can find one)

Considering how powerful the PS3 is, plus the BD capabilities, that doesn't look like a bad deal to me ....
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