BenHeck revises single-handed console controller

BenHeck revises single-handed console controller

No more cramped hands, now you can own those noobs single-handedly.

BenHeck is at it again. The man who constructed such creations as the Xbox Laptop 360 has one-upped his previous work by redesigning his one-handed controller.

The 'Access' controller is currently slated to be manufactured and sold by etailer and will be available for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. An Xbox 360 version is in the works, but no release date has been set yet.

With all of that out of the way, let's get down to the really cool stuff. The controller has six fully-customizable module holes, with a main bus inside that will read the pin location on each module so it can distinguish between modules. This allows the user to configure the unit however they like, so there won't be a problem if you're right or left-handed.

You'll also be able to customise the layout depending on your needs for individual games. That means you can use your thumb and forefinger to control each joystick for some Clive Barker’s Jericho slaughtering, then with a few twists and moves you can have the joysticks next to each other for a quick spin around the Top Gear test track in Gran Turismo 5.

The design is even suited well for those with only partial use of both hands and should be easier to use than standard controllers. The bottom is even contoured so that it will rest comfortably on the arm of a chair, your thigh, or anywhere you find it comfortable to place.

I know I’m enthralled by this, as my favourite feature of the Wii is the freedom to not have my hands nearly fused at the wrists during multi-hour gaming sessions. Who knows, if you can train yourself to be ambidextrous you may even be able to grab two of these and play through Halo 3 co-op style on your own.

So, will you' pick one up or just resign yourself to looking at the pretty pictures? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.


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mmorgue 25th October 2007, 12:28 Quote
Bloody stunning!

Dunno if it's my controller of choice, but I have top respect for the skills and design!
mikeuk2004 25th October 2007, 12:43 Quote
Its a win for disabled people if they can get stuff like this. There has to be a market for people with 1 arm or deformed libs that would love to be able to play games like the rest of us. but they are basically told, stuff you!!, from all the manufactures because they dont do this type of thing or want to invest in it.

Input devices for PC's that cater for various disability’s are sold at extortionate prices and anyone who is disable in any way needs to be a lottery winner to buy the stuff to have the same lives as us. More needs to be done to bring awareness and help them. I

It would put alot of those kids in there place if they new they got beat at CSS, HALO 3 etc by someone who is disabled.
Bluephoenix 25th October 2007, 18:30 Quote
I think its great that this kind of gear is being made at all. from reading about the creation of the original, it was originally asked for by a US Marine who had lost an arm but still wanted his gears of war fix, and this seems to be a natural progression of the concept. (see engadget for the original design)
wolff000 25th October 2007, 22:29 Quote
Absolutely fabulous. I know someone who has very limited use of one of his hands and will only degrade as he gets older. This is perfect for him. The console makers should really be looking into doing this themselves. At least someone out there is doing. Ben Heck is one of the best modders ever.
choupolo 26th October 2007, 18:40 Quote
I like BenHeck's stuff. But it doesn't look very...ergonomic. Maybe a more hand-shaped design would work.
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