'Sneaker Pimps' Nike NES Mod

'Sneaker Pimps' Nike NES Mod

Apparently, the Sneaker Pimps are talented modders as well as musicians.

I've not been with bit-tech a full year yet and already it's amazing how accustomed I've become to the various bizarre mods we've seen. I've seen a PC in a beaver, a PC in a whisky bottle, a plasma globe PC and even a PC in a robot even bigger than I am.

And still, somehow, the NES Boot shown here confuses me.

The photo on the right is taken from this Flickr gallery and was, apparently, spotted at the end of a Sneaker Pimps concert.

I've never heard of the band as my tastes are little more traditional, but if this is the type of thing they do in their spare time then I may have to start tuning in and getting home with the downies and whatnot.

The mod isn't actually wearable, but is fully operational and has a NES controller attached up via the shoelaces, which is an incredibly cool touch in my opinion.

Like the mod, or do you think you can do better? Let us know in the forums.


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chrisb2e9 25th October 2007, 14:26 Quote
I haven't heard all of their music but I do like the band. The sneaker is cool too.
Nexxo 25th October 2007, 15:04 Quote
Weird and tacky mods are the topic of the day:
Spaceraver 25th October 2007, 16:27 Quote
The bible mod is still a good one.
wolff000 25th October 2007, 22:19 Quote
Nice link Nexxo. I hadn't seen 2 of those before. The bible mod does look damn good. I absolutely love the nes sneaker mod though.
Henk 26th October 2007, 08:41 Quote
Oh man, this reminds me of the Hulk Hogan Meat Shoes :)
jezmck 26th October 2007, 08:49 Quote
Originally Posted by l3w1z
"getting home with the downies"
Was I the only one who was thinking bad thoughts when I read this part?
no, and they're not bad thoughts - just a logical conclusion.
CardJoe 26th October 2007, 20:08 Quote
Hm - wasn't intended that way. More of just reveral of getting down with the homies.
jezmck 28th October 2007, 22:16 Quote
we knew that joe, just took it to the next level... (up/down - your choice ;))
CardJoe 28th October 2007, 23:15 Quote
Mrmedia 29th October 2007, 00:50 Quote
Thats awesome
Bursar 29th October 2007, 11:50 Quote
Wait, what have these comments got to do with the licensing of MS software to schools? Or have the comments been linked to the wrong article? :)
Darkedge 29th October 2007, 14:05 Quote
Were Becta the same MUPPETS who advised Uk schools to buy Research machines kit? RM are and always were overpriced ****.

Still schools shouldn't be touching Vista AT ALL and office 2007? Use staroffice now please, save millions that way.
Mankz 29th October 2007, 14:17 Quote
dyzophoria 29th October 2007, 16:44 Quote
i doubt blocking M$ would work, so becta suggests linux?, i'd rather would see schools that teach both, yeah teach everyone the beauty of opensource, but look at the reality people, most developers with good software (including games) are on windows, rather than pushing every other ordinary joe to take the leap to linux, why not push the developers to port their stuff to linux first ? ( yeah open office , staroffice, are starters, but still, we need more :) ). The day I see adobe software running natively on ubuntu will surely make my day

and besides, if M$ isn't there, there wont be any competition for the opensource guys, and with most projects i've seen on sourceforge; if there aint any competition, the project stalls :(
tuteja1986 30th October 2007, 03:46 Quote
Only one problem with Linux mass migration in school will have an effect as the school would have to fire its IT staff to hire Linux competent stuff which ain't cheap and i would never work for anything below 70K on Linux network. But a school could find a decent Windows tech would work for 40K easy. Also open office sucks , but i use it every day because i do the only basic task and because its free.
Redbeaver 30th October 2007, 13:45 Quote
jeezus christ that picture will give me nightmare.....
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