June Project Log Contest Prize

June Project Log Contest Prize

Enter the June Project Log Contest and win 2GB of Corsair XMS2

If you've been paying attention (and we certainly hope you have been), you'll have noticed that our monthly Project Log Updates are now a contest. We've had some great support from companies, and the list of sponsors isn't done growing...just the way we like it. But now, it's time to announce who gets the honor of starting off the show...

The sponsors for the first-ever June PLU Contest are...

The wonderful guys from Corsair are giving us 2GB of DDR2-6400 CAS5 (Model #: TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX) to pass on to the winner of the June PLU Contest. On top of that, AC Ryan will be piling on some bonus modding kit to help do your project up in style.

So there you have it - mod, log and win some kit!


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Fr4nk 4th June 2007, 18:14 Quote
Sounds good, I hope to be in this come late June/July :D
HourBeforeDawn 4th June 2007, 19:41 Quote
wow that would be awesome to win something that I do for fun/hobby ^_^
capnPedro 4th June 2007, 20:34 Quote
Heh, guess I'll have to buy a camera then!
dullonien 5th June 2007, 09:19 Quote
That's a very good prize, better get my project log started, been ready to start one for a while now, this has just given me an extra incentive to get onto it.
keir 5th June 2007, 12:03 Quote
Originally Posted by Bit-Tech
The sponsors for the first-ever June PLU Contest are...

dullonien 5th June 2007, 12:18 Quote
Originally Posted by keir

I'm guessing it stands of Project Logs Update.
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