Top Notch Spidey Case Mod

Top Notch Spidey Case Mod

Movie inspired mods are cool and Spiderman is a pretty awesome movie to be inspired by.

A really interesting case mod based on the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie has popped up over at The case is an entry into the Cooler Master Case Mod 2006 competition which has now finished accepting entries.

Being a massive Spiderman fan myself I really love the look of this mod. It features a dark looking Spiderman, known as Venom in the comics, complete with reflective eyes that allow you to peer into the belly of this PC beast.

We certainly recommend you check out the article which talks about both Cooler Master's competition as well as how the mod was constructed. Once you've finished reading that you should certainly check out the gallery too for some scrumptious case-modding eye candy. We've put two pictures below to provide you with a bit of a teaser.

A little quote from the article:

"As an example shown below, Matt's awesome spider themed windowed hard drives are actually a mod within the mod, and the process is fascinating. He used a white LED inside the drive to show HDD activity, casting a creepy glow over the spider etched on the face of the drive--like the lightning flashes from the new Spiderman 3 trailers. He enhanced the effect by mounting the drive in open view on a lighted web that indicates system power--worklogs let these details shine through."

What do you make of this case mod? Let us know in the forums.


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CodeRed 27th November 2006, 10:27 Quote
Wow that metal spider on the side looks amazing, but the eyes on the other side should have been the other way round, what do the rest of you think?
Mother-Goose 27th November 2006, 15:02 Quote
Welcome to the forums CodeRed ;)

I am liking the case. It is my kind of mod, it is quite understated (compared to GoTaLL's dragon head or orac3 for example).

It is much more on the level of Darkends Orange Monster and ModSquad's Black Rain.

The craftman ship is brilliant and the hdd activity led is a genuinely brilliant idea :)
DXR_13KE 27th November 2006, 17:03 Quote
the hole thing rocks.... except maybe for the front of it.... it is a little empty compared with the rest of the case..... but it is really cool anyway, very shiny to.
CodeRed 28th November 2006, 01:14 Quote
Thank's Mother-Gooser, I think with most good modders it's down to having access to the right tools and knowing how to use them.
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