Coolermaster parades new Centurion

Coolermaster parades new Centurion

We expect nothing less than the best shiny goodness.

The RC-530, Coolermaster's latest revision to the Centurion chassis, has tipped up online.

This product page on the Coolermaster website gives the full details, along with some fairly low-res pictures, of the revised case.

Some of the new features include top-mounted USB and audio, as well as room for 120mm fans in the front and rear of the case, for maximum airflow and minimum noise.

The actual case construction appears similar to the original, with a steel body and aluminium mesh bezel. The bezel also includes built-in stealthing for optical drives.

We're looking forward to getting our hands on one of these as soon as possible, and we're also looking forward to seeing more of the cases that we saw in prototype at Cebit actually show up as finished products.