Intel cancels its Developer Forum

Intel cancels its Developer Forum

Intel has officially cancelled its Developer Forum (IDF), even as it was preparing for the regular Fall IDF in San Francisco this August, with no explanation given.

Intel has announced that it is cancelling its Intel Developer Forum (IDF) programme of events, effective immediately, just as it was about to celebrate its two-decade anniversary.

First held in 1997, the Intel Developer Forum started life as a US-only biannual gathering of developers from around the globe. After its first decade Intel added a third annual event in China for those who couldn't make it to the US versions, though in recent years the company has gone back to a biannual format: one event held in the US, the other in China.

Regardless of where it is held or at what time of year, IDF has always proven a hotbed of Intel-related information: over the previous years the company has used IDF to showcase everything from novel SSD overclocking and its ill-fated Larrabee graphics architecture, which would see a second life as the basis for the company's more-successful though niche Xeon Phi co-processor boards for high-performance computing (HPC), to the benefits of multi-core gaming and even the first public outings of new microarchitectures like Sandy Bridge back in 2010.

Sadly for those who look forward to the company's IDF unveilings, all that has come to a crashing end. 'Intel has evolved its event portfolio and decided to retire the IDF program moving forward,' a company spokespeson has explained in a terse note on the official event website. 'Thank you for nearly 20 great years with the Intel Developer Forum! Intel has a number of resources available on, including a Resource and Design Centre with documentation, software, and tools for designers, engineers, and developers. As always, our customers, partners, and developers should reach out to their Intel representative with questions.'

Intel has not given a reason for the cancellation occurring even while preparations were already underway for the IDF Fall 2017 in San Francisco this August, though the company has stated that it is moving to having smaller and more focused events.

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Wakka 18th April 2017, 09:18 Quote
Might have been something they were planning anyways, but it seems some of Intel's Jimmies have been rustled.

The road map for future platforms looks like a complete mess too - 4 cores CPU's on a HEDT platform that shares the 2-series naming scheme of current platform while 3-series platform gets 6 core mainstream?? (supposedly, I wouldn't be surprised if Intel even know yet).
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