WD's G-Technology announces 10TB G-Drive USB-C

WD's G-Technology announces 10TB G-Drive USB-C

Western Digital's G-Technology has announced the G-Drive USB-C, a Mac-centric external hard drive which can also power connected devices.

Western Digital subsidiary G-Technology has announced an external hard drive designed for devices with only a USB 3.1 Type C connector, as with Apple's latest MacBook: the G-Drive USB-C.

Designed primarily for use with Apple's latest-generation MacBook and MacBook Pro families of laptops, though compatible with anything supporting the USB Mass Storage standard and with a free USB 3.1 Type-C port or, with the additional cable provided, a USB Type A port, the G-Drive USB-C is unsurprisingly housed in shiny aluminium. Within that housing is a mechanical 5,400 RPM Western Digital hard drive with a 4TB, 8TB, or whopping 10TB unformatted capacity and a claimed transfer rate of up to 195MB/s - though under what conditions this performance is reached has not been detailed.

As a Mac-centric drive, the G-Drive USB-C comes formatted for Apple's macOS platform; G-Technology is keen to point out, however, that it can be quickly and easily reformatted for use with alternative operating systems. Doing so, however, loses a key feature: The drive is ready for use with Apple's Time Machine backup system for instant thought-free backups of any macOS system to which it is attached.

The G-Drive USB-C also has another trick up its sleeve, and one which is only available when using the Type-C connector: It can charge devices compatible with the USB 3.1 Power Delivery specification, including Apple's latest laptops. When attached to a compatible device, the G-Drive can supply up to 45W of power - which is a necessity for the single-port MacBook, which can otherwise only be charged and connected to an external storage device with the purchase of an optional USB hub. If you're using the USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1-compatible Type-A connector, though, you'll lose this functionality.

UK pricing for the G-Drive USB-C has yet to be confirmed, with US pricing set at $199.95 for the 4TB, $349.95 for the 8TB, and $499.95 for the 10TB (around £160, £280, and £400 respectively, excluding taxes). More information is available on the official product page.


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Wwhat 16th April 2017, 03:55 Quote
I guess it's 'G' because 'C-drive' reminds people of Windows more than Apple :)
zimano 16th April 2017, 12:59 Quote
Western Digital external drives + Linux rings alarm bells in my head for some reason. Wasn't there something with a security partition that couldn't be removed at some point? Or perhaps you had to install a firmware upgrade to remove the security partition and could only do this under Windows. As said in this article this drive seems available for everything with no problems, is this the case with all WD drives now? The older I get the more my brain fails me at remembering details about these things :)
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