Alphacool releases Eiswand 360 external AIO cooler details

January 11, 2017 // 11:32 a.m.

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Liquid-cooling specialist Alphacool has unveiled plans to launch an all-in-one external water-cooling system, dubbed the Eiswand 360, which offers to bring high-performance cooling to even the most cramped of cases - if you can spare the desk or floor space, of course.

Alphacool's Eiswand 360 is, as the name suggests, a 360mm liquid-cooling radiator - specifically, the company's previously launched XT45 copper radiator. Where the XT45 is designed to be installed within a case, however, the Eiswand 360 packages it in an attractive metal housing which stands upright in a tower configuration. In doing so, it offers the ability to add liquid-cooling to even the smallest of cases - though you'll have to budget room on your desk, floor, or wherever for the radiator itself.

The housing doesn't just include the radiator, of course: The bundle includes low-speed, high-pressure Eiswand fans in a push-pull configuration, two integrated DC-LT low-noise pumps, and an integrated reservoir with built-in LED lighting. While the kit is an all-in-one cooler, it's not a sealed-loop system: Installation involves building your own liquid loop and filling the reservoir using the included coolant. Alphacool has suggested, but not confirmed, that the Eiswand 360 will be available both as a standalone system and in bundles with selected CPU and GPU water blocks.

Alphacool has yet to list the Eiswand 360 on its website, and has not confirmed pricing or availability.