AMD schedules New Horizon Zen event for enthusiasts

AMD schedules New Horizon Zen event for enthusiasts

AMD's New Horizon event promises live public demos of the Zen family's capabilities, along with giveaways and special guest visitors.

AMD has scheduled a livestream and preview event for December 13th for its upcoming Zen microarchitecture, aiming to get gamers and enthusiasts onboard ahead of its planned launch early next year.

First unveiled back in September 2014 and the work of K7 and K8 architecture chief designer Jim Keller, who was re-hired in 2012 only to leave the company again in 2015, Zen represents AMD's last-gasp attempt at winning back market share from rival Intel. Designed to more closely mimic the successful approach of the K7 and K8 families, abandoning many of the features of the largely unsuccessful Bulldozer microarchitecture it launched six years ago, Zen promises much: the company has teased Intel-beating performance for the first time in half a decade, promised high power efficiency, and is even working on 32-core 64-thread implementations for the lucrative data centre and high-performance computing markets.

All the features in the world won't save AMD if it can't get buyers back on side after years of second-rate performance, of course, and to aid with that the company has announced the New Horizon livestream event. Aimed at gamers and performance enthusiasts, New Horizon is scheduled to take place on December 13th and will feature eSports celebrity PPD running through the capabilities of the enthusiast-oriented Zen processor family. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the event promises to include 'appearances from special guests and giveaways' and will represent the first time AMD has allowed members of the public to put the chips through their paces.

With ongoing losses, not helped by a string of terrible deals with former subsidiary GlobalFoundries which have culminated in the company having to pay GlobalFoundries for every chip produced even when using a rival fabricator, AMD will clearly be hoping New Horizon represents a new dawn for its fortunes.

The event goes live on December 13th at 21:00 hours UK time via the official microsite.


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Maki role 30th November 2016, 11:21 Quote
I'll be so so so happy if Zen proves to be a cracker. Intel have no interest in pushing the consumer market forward right now.
Broadwater06 30th November 2016, 11:53 Quote
Agreed. Need competition sorely in the consumer market. Although I have been in the Intel camp since the Phenom, I want AMD to do well.
Mr_Mistoffelees 30th November 2016, 12:21 Quote
Both Intel and Nvidia need a kick up the arse from a resurgent AMD. I hope AMD's new products are good enough to capture more market share and deliver that kick.
AiA 30th November 2016, 17:47 Quote
I dont really follow the processor market anymore, but am I right in thinking its become a little stagnant due to lack of competitive competition?
tristanperry 30th November 2016, 19:49 Quote
I really hope this launch goes well for AMD; the market sorely needs the competition.
Gareth Halfacree 1st December 2016, 11:35 Quote
This article has been gently updated: I referred to AMD's "dwindling cash pile" while linking to a story which states its cash reserves went up that quarter, which was stupid; AMD's PR highlighted this, and I have edited the sentence to refer to "ongoing losses" instead as being a more accurate summary.
HackJoe 1st December 2016, 11:51 Quote
It's been a stale market for too long, X58 was the last Intel platform that had me excited. I've run just about every Intel release since.. But it all started with my first self-funded PC, AMD XP1400+ which OC'd incredibly! I've longed to return home ever since.. but I'm an enthusiast and AMD haven't been able to convince me.

I've been saving for a few months now, I'm hoping the 'pot' will be plenty stacked come ZEN/VEGA release Q1 17. I'm hoping for a late Feb release. Excited to see all the new AM4 motherboards 16 thread Zen CPUS for $500!! yes please! They just need to spank KabyLake and they'll be back in the game (IMO).

Excited for the event... Please AMD, put on a good show.. your press events are awful! charisma and stage presence I'll be tuning in.

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